Your Hosts

Mick Saliwon and Lyn Cleary


Mick Saliwon

Mick is a qualified Professional Association of Diving Instructors [PADI] Diving Instructor 104490, and has been involved with marine studies programs with the local high schools in our area.

Mick has additional qualifications as a high school Science teacher [ Biology and Physics ] and has an extensive knowledge of the marine environment.

He is a qualified MSB Coxswain

He is a qualified Waterways Master 5.

He has been involved with outdoor adventure expeditions including abseiling, bushwalking, canoeing,and caving.

Lyn Cleary

Lyn is a qualified Professional Association of Diving Instructors [PADI] Diving Instructor with the rating of Course Director which is the highest diver educator rating in the world. She has extensive experience in educating divers at all levels from Snorkeling through to Dive Instructor and including diving 12 specialties.

She holds the qualification of MSB Master Five and Marine Engine Driver Class 3

She is a First Aid Instructor and Examiner with St Johns specialising in First Aid for Divers as well as an Instructor in Medic First Aid [PADI] and a MFA Instructor Trainer.

Lyn is additionally a Triple certificate Registered Nurse

As a Husband and Wife Team

Both Lyn and Mick have lived and worked in Jervis Bay for the past 15 years. They each have over a decade of experienced diving in and around the Jervis Bay area. This experience has both been recreational and professional, they have been involved in skippering and divemastering on dive charter vessels. Some of the common dive sites frequently dived in Jervis Bay have been named by Lyn and Mick.

With this experience they are able to extend their customers the best diving that conditions will allow.