The competition Structure,

Category Codes and Rules


The Jervis Bay Underwater Shoot-out is effectively a category

competition shot over two days and judged on the third day. The

results and prizes are awarded on the third day. Three categories

are contested, Close Up, Marine life and Wide Angle.

The category codes are:

Close Up:

Any Image taken with a Macro type adaptor or SLR macro lens and fits in with

the macro or close up theme. Close up lenses are acceptable and as a guide

should be restricted to an image no bigger than an A4 size (29.7 x 21.0mm). The

subject must primarily be marine life.

Marine Life:

Any Image taken with any lens configuration that constitutes and depicts an

image of Marine life. In other words flora, fauna or other biota is expected. Not

accepted are pictures of divers or part thereof. However may include man-made

objects, example shipwrecks, if they are not the main subject.

Wide Angle:

Any Image taken with a Wide angle lens which may include the Nikonos 35mm

standard lens. The image can have marine life, divers or both.

Registration process

Due to the great number of contestants wishing to take part in the competition

and the limited spaces that are on offer. The organizers have opted for the ballot

system. Registration forms and payment (processed only if successful) are

placed in a box and drawn at the Jervis Bay Dive Club meeting by members of

the congregation. The first 18 places are successful and standby places will be

awarded. Every entrant is allowed to place one other person on the registration

form and in this case will constitute two places. Couples or two person teams

can register separately however one could miss-out on a place. A couple or team

entering separately cannot place each other on their respective forms. A couple

or team drawing 18 th place will have to forfeit one place to the standby list. Any

couple or team on standby must wait for two cancellations to enter as a team.

Otherwise allow one person to enter only, the remaining half remains in the same

standby placing. Registrations are due no later than 26th January 2001 (Australia

Day) and ballot for places will be held at the Vincentia Bowling Club on the

Wednesday 31 st January 2001. Notification will take place within a few days.


The Rules

1. Each competitor is supplied with four rolls of Fuji Velvia film for the purpose of the

competition. Film is not transferable between competitors. Self-supplied film cannot

be used as competition film. The competition film is pre-marked; any film entered

without this mark will be disqualified at the lab before processing and charge to the

competitor. Open to Ametures and all non professional photographers.

2. Competition film for processing must be entered before the times indicated on the

schedule. The schedule is to be determined on the weekend of the competition.

Slide mounts will be supplied, you can supply your own mounts if you wish. Mark

each entry with a contrasting dot on the lower left of the frame, include on the mount

your name and category entered. Each contestant can enter a maximum of two (2)

images per category. Please label the category entered, example Close Up #1 or

Marine life #2. All film and slides remains the property of the competitor however a

selection of competition entries will be withheld after judging for publication of results

and will be returned. Some entries may be used by Ocean Trek for shoot-out


3. To be eligible for the major prize all categories must be entered. However, other

major prizes will be awarded to individual efforts within each category. All prizes are

awarded at the discretion of the judges.

4. In camera double exposures are permitted, slow speed blurring, or any other "in

camera effect is also permitted, " if in doubt ask. Post masking or any other post

cropping, marking or alteration is not allowed.

5. Unnecessary harm or harassment of marine life is not permitted. Any picture

depicting harassment may be disqualified. Any competitor seen to deliberately

harass or harm marine life can lead to a disqualification.

6. The dive location is to the discretion of the skipper and subject to weather conditions.

Requests for specific location are encouraged.

7. Under no circumstances will anyone dive alone, the boat crew will supervise safety

procedures, the boat rules and decisions must be adhered to.

8. Judges reserve the right to question any image and may do so during judging if they

deem it necessary. The judges also reserve the right to identify the photographer

who's image is in question and may either discuss the matter via an arbitrator or

direct with if the photographer if the photographer desires so.

9. If a competitor experiences equipment failures or problems, they can seek the

assistance of the judges and other competitors. Equipment problems, sickness or

self inflicted impairments that may prevent a person from competing is the sole

predicament and responsibility of the competitor and no responsibility will be placed

on the organisers or other competitors.

10. Competitors are forbidden to take performance-enhancing drugs during the event.

With the exception of performance enhancing Nitrox. Any competitor who is under

the influence of enriched air should indicate to the other divers of their intent to stay

longer at the best depths by holding one hand up to the forehead in the shape of an


11. Don't take rule number ten too seriously.

12. Loosen up, stay cool, and have fun.

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