Wreck Bay Shipwrecks Early navigators were warned of the treacherous waters of the South coast, particularly in the vicinity of Wreck Bay. During East /South-East winds
dangerous situations could arise with the strong shore currents that would sweep vessels off course for miles westward into the Northern end of Wreck Bay leaving no room for maneuvering. This pocket of Wreck Bay is called Summercloud Bay.
One of the earliest wrecks was a convict transporter named the "Hive". This ship went aground on the 10th December 1835 and was totally wrecked. At 485 tonne, it was the Hive's second trip to Australia. Commanded by Captain Nutter, and departing from England on a 10-12 month voyage, the ship saw no land till that fateful night. (a remarkable achievement). Much controversy sill exists as to the navigational competency of Captain Nutter, none of his officers would agree on his course plotting. Intentional or incompetency we can only speculate, the cargo of the Hive comprised of provisions and 10,000 pounds in gold coinage for currency for the colony (a very tempting mutiny booty ? ). At 10PM breakers were seen on the bow, but it was too late to save the ship. A line was secured to the shore enabling the crew and convicts to land on the beach, two lives we lost. Next day anchors were deployed from the Hive in an attempt to pull the beached ship to deeper water this failed. The precious cargo and stores were all salvaged, and transported to the schooner Blackbird that journeyed from Sydney in the following weeks. 23 trips were made in small boats from the shore to load the Blackbird. The evening before sailing a violent gale pushed the Blackbird ashore wrecking it next to the wrecked Hive. Captain Nutter holds claim to been wrecked on the same beach in the same place in two different ships. Remnants of the Hive have been located 3metres beneath the sand at Bherewere beach in 1995.

SS Merimbula - 1928

Wreck Bay Shipwrecks

1835- Hive 1886- Corangamite

1835- Blackbird 1908- Hilda

1836- Medina 1912- Tilba Tilba

1870- Walter Hood 1915- Advance

1874- Rose of Astralia 1922- Mokau

1874- Mary

Jervis Bay Ship Area Wrecks

1850- Juniper St George's Head

1855- Martha Elizabeth South Head

1867- Aelous Hole in the Wall

1876- Chimborazo Point Perpendicular

1882- Ester Maria Beecroft Head

1883- Agnes off Jervis Bay

1891- Prince Alfred off Jervis Bay

1909- Eden Point Pendicular

1915- Wandera Drum and Drumsticks

1928- Merimbula Beecroft Head

1964- Voyager off Jervis Bay

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