The Ruined Lighthouse

Stoney Creek Light House The original lighthouse "Stoney Creek Lighthouse" on Cape St George which was built in 1860 with a budget of 5000 pounds and it turned out that it was on the wrong site and that its construction was purely for economic reasons not for maritime safety. Materials like rock, shell grit, water and sand were on hand for the construction. The lighhouse was designed similar to Francis Greenaways famous South Head Lighthouse. Fine stone masonary of that era can be seen in the walls. It was a three storey circular tower with an inside diameter of 10 feet. The walls were of dressed sandstone 3ft thick at the base tapering to 2ft at the top. This lighthouse proved to be a navigational hazard luring 14 ships to their doom on the rocky coastline and beaches of Wreck Bay. Even when it wasn't in operation after 1899 it was considered a daylight navigational hazard and the navy was requested to bomb it. Now aptly named " The Ruined Lighthouse" a great tourist attraction. Regeneration of the site has now begun with construction of viewing platforms and preservation of the magnificent sandstone buildings.

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