Son of Ocean Trek has berthed in Jervis Bay. Born out of our commitment to further increase customer comfort and to streamline the operation of the parent Resort. Also to fulfil the increasing requests by Ocean Trek Diving Resort customers for fast dive trips in Jervis bay.


Weighing in at around 1.3 tons with a length of 6.25 meters and a beam of 2.5 meters with cute chubby pontoons to give that great comfortable ride divers love.You guessed , it is a ridged hull inflatable and [MSB] Waterways surveyed for 7 divers + 1 .In the tradition of Ocean Trek its colours of Green and Gold make it a handsome chip off the old block.


This expansion of the fleet will enhance the operations of Ocean Trek Diving Resort enabling easier embarking and disembarking from Ocean Trek. Its design will make transport of divers to and from Ocean Trek very comfortable with the cabin giving additional shelter and protection from wind.

Bay Trek is also available for day charter operations taking divers to the many exciting dive sites in and around Jervis Bay. Powered by a 175 HP Evenrude engine it has a speed of 37 knots so will have the power to quickly and smoothly move divers to and from dives. Speaking of smooth , ridged hull inflatables are renowned for their cushioned rides and great stability . Divers sit on a air filled pontoon which pads the ride even in rough water. Entry into the water is gentle , you will be assisted into your gear and you only need the role backwards and start your dive .It has a custom made stainless steel ladder to make getting back into the boat hassle free. In the tradition of Ocean Trek after dives snacks and beverages will warm and fill the hungriest of divers. Bay Trek is fitted with GPS and sounder so dive sites will be easily found and we look forward to doing exploratory dives as part of its new role in the fleet.


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