Aboriginal Mythology

Aboriginal people with traditional links to the area claim that Jervis Bay is the birthplace of the thirteen tribes of the south coast.
The Crocodile Head area of south Currarong village is an important mythological site, the dwelling place of Bundoola. A man like being resembling King Neptune, who lived at Devils Hole and was responsible for the propagation and control of marine life. Bherewere and Beecroft are powerful dreaming places, both are under the influence of Bundoola's legend.
Spandula, the sea serpent responsible for the weather, rain, wind and storms was believed to live at Duck Hole, the Drum & Drumsticks and Hare Bay. Spandula is the strongest mythological legend in the area.
 The present coastal sites date back from 7000 years ago. However many prehistoric sites in Jervis Bay would now be under water, as the original coastline was 20Km further east due to the lower sea level of the ice ages. Along the foreshores at Vincentia there are middens have been found dating back 10,000 years
Callala Bay's Bid Bid Creek probably derived its name from aboriginal cultural history. The creek was part of an aboriginal dreaming path , along which travelled the infamous Bip Bip women , thought to be known also as the wild women from the highlands who stole men from their wives and families.

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