The Family is on Board

24 May 2014

Ocean Trek wins again. Always a special weekend, new friends made above and below the water.


It was a last minute decision to know that we were coming on Oceantrek but worth every minute to be onboard again with Lyn, Mick,

Carly, Haley, Ken and the Ex-Argos and Dive 2000 divers. It was lovely to catch up with our diving family and made some new friends along the way. Thanks again Lyn & Mick – it’s always greatly appreciated. Thanks Boris for the wonderful taste of ‘xo’ – mmmm. Danced the night away with laughs and more memories in the making. How cool was it to see Emily in a wetsuit and diving in the water. Beautiful weather, awesome company and fantastic diving. See you soon….Love and Hugs Melissa. Xo

Fantastic time on Oceantrek again. It never disappoints and was a great first time trip for Kev. Thanks Lyn, Mick and the Oceantrek team for making this weekend a memorable experience. We’ll see you again next time! Katie and Kevin (black beard) xx

Another great weekend on Oceantrek, shared with family (Katie and Kev) and old friends. Plenty of wildlife to see, and that’s not including the party animals from Saturday night!!!! See you all again soon. Rob and Sue.

Dyson Family had a lovely weekend too. Emily got some more dives, saw plenty of wildlife including wobbies, weedy sea dragons and cuttlefish. 20 degrees in the water and good weather, plenty of sun. Seals, dolphins and whales all playing in the bay.

Had an amazing weekend on the Ocean trek , My trip was a Christmas present from my wife and I must say it was the best present that I have received . A weekend on The Ocean Trek is something that I must again sometime soon . Thank you Lyn And Mick for the amazing weekend .



Awesome as ever! Great people, critters & memories! Pity about the wetsuit blow out … guess I need to buy a dry suit! Just wondering if you can work on your repair kit Mick … you did a wonderful job fixing Pat’s drysuit! Next time you need a rubber repair kit for my wetsuit. The airconditioning did wonders on the dives! ;0)


A wonderful weekend seeing some fantastic underwater life. The weekend was even more special as we celebrated Cherie’s birthday, many rocking on into the night. Thanks Mick and Lynne and the crew.


I had a great weekend – Thank you to Mick , Lyn & all the crew. Pity about the vis. & the Birthday gig rocked too.

Cheers Guys!!!

Another great family weekend ! Thanks to all – great food Carly, great to meet Hayley. As always awesome decky Ken – looking out for everyone. Spotted 3 turtles - yes three and had a witness! Also nice to get a semidry dive in. Thanks Mick and Lyn and crew. Jude

Another wonderful weekend. Lots of fun was had on board and under the water, Plenty of critters, warm water and great company.

Thanks guys. X Boris.

Another awesome trip as usual. DJ Emily on Saturday night!! Lots of crazy dancing… only did three dives but the last dive on Sunday was by far the best. Thanks again Mick, Lyn and the crew for everything you’ve done this weekend. Full boats can get out of control but this weekend was great!! Thanks again xx Emily

Great to be back on board with "the family" and the Dive 2000 group were great to team up with. Thanks to all guests and crew for the enthusiastic diving, fun on board and relaxing weekend. James.

Ocean Trek Team Terrific !! You Rock!! My birthday celebrations last year were the best and now the kick-start celebrations to this year’s birthday on Ocean Trek are the best. It was wonderful to be aboard with "The Family" great people, great food (thank you Carly Carly) lots of dancing & singing and some fun diving. Very happy to have captured my first yawning Scorpion fish (my first yawning anything really). Happy Birthday to me! Thanks so much Mick & Lynnie, Love ya! Cherie & Kevvie xoxo