Hawker College

19-21st May 2014

Wow what an experience. We are all now official advanced scuba divers!!! Thanks to indepth scuba and Ocean trek diving resort.

Throughout this advanced scuba trip we as a group have learnt so much more about marine wildlife, Lyn, Hayley and Mick are very knowledgeable people. We’ve had a great time. A big thank you to Indepth Scuba and Lyn, Hayley and Mick for having us on their boat and supplying us with great memories. We now have many stories to share with friends and family at home. Over the trip we have all learnt and tried many new things. For example, diving to 30 meters, night dives and much more.

Had a great time on ocean trek, boat diving is the best. I think we all learnt so much on the various marine animals we saw because of Mick, Lyn and Hayley’s knowledge. Im so thankful for this trip because of this opportunity to try so many different things and see so many different amazing things, so thank you ocean trek.

Thank you Ocean trek!!!! It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed myself. It was my second time on the boat and I hope I will be able to come back very soon as it is one of the best trips I have done. The food and service was exceptional and worth every cent!! Thank You So Much. J

Had an amazing three days on the Ocean Trek, thanks to Mick, Lyn and Hayley’s knowledge of marine life I’ve learnt so much, the diving was amazing as well the sea life is beautiful and the dolphins were amazing, diving of a live aboard boat as easily got to be my favourite type of diving.