All About Scuba

"Whore House Divers"

April 2014

Anne Fenton had a very good dive and nices food cooked by the crow and did deep course too.

I had a great time on the boat again like always, went only snorkeling ones but at least I have been in the water. The crew and the food where as great as always, specially the chicken caser salad. Thanks again Mick and Lyn for a great week Ria lelieveld

This is my second trip with Lyn and Mick aboard Ocean Trek, like my first trip November last year I have had another awesome time, the Whore House Cave was my favorite dive this trip which on my last dive on this trip was my 100 dive, As I have only been diving about 13 months Jervis Bay has some of the greatest dive sites I have dived on. Food on board was great and plentiful, you are made to feel welcome and a friend, there is so much more I can write, but was told to keep it short, Till next year thanks for the memories. Tim

This has been a trip of many firsts for me, not only completing my advanced open water but also completing the deep certification. Thanks to Ron for putting up with me and getting me certified. Backwards up stairs was certainly different with all gear on then doing a backwards roll off the tender and being told I was in team 1 so didnít even get the chance to watch others do it first but have survived the many firsts on this trip thanks to Lyn & Mick and will definitely look forward to coming again next year. Tina Havill

Well another trip almost finished and what a fun it was again. It is always great to take divers to Ocean trek and show them through Lyn and Mickís eyes the great sites of Jervis bay. The Whore house divers of All About Scuba where a great bunch and I will certainly dive with them again. Of course we will be back soon and do it all over again. Lots of highlights on this trip 1 advanced diver, 2 deep divers and a 100th dive for time who did this in only just over 12 months. Well done everyone. The only down side is when you are on light and easy you will not lose weight on this trip with the cooking of Mickís great dishes. Well done Mick, and a big thank you to lyn for looking after all of us. We see you guys very soon!

Ronald lelieveld

As always Ė fantastic diving, fantastic support and great company Ė thanks All About Scuba and Mick and Lyn. Dived 3 great new sites (for me) Ė Fishy Spot and Middle Ground were superb and the Whore house is truly an "Out of the box" site Ė I was stunned at how big , open and light it is. Broulee Cave on steroids! More open and more light but at 24m. What else have they been holding out on. Ahh well, I will just have to come back and see next time. Soon!!!! Cheers .

Jeremy Magee.

Just when you think that after 4 trips on Ocean trek you have seen all that Jervis Bay has to offer THINK AGAIN, all I can say is OMG . The Whore House was one site out of the box , I now have a new favorite dive site itís hard to find the words to describe the beauty of this site .

As always Lyn and Mick are the perfect hosts, great food, great company and there isnít anything they donít know about the bay.

I look forward to my 5th return trip to the bay.

John Newell

Dive trips on Ocean Trek never change, the service provided by the dynamic duo (Lyn & Mick) provide divers with excellent dives-dinning and company. Combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the bay and marine life, it leaves nothing to be desired. This is imparted to the divers in the dive brief given by Lyn. A diver enters the water with a complete picture of what can be expected during the dive. Hope to see you both again real soon. Well done.

Rod Freeman.