International Divers

29th-30th March 2014

Absolutely wonderful interruption at Jervis Bay (again) successful weedy hunting expedition, and a couple of greys what more could you want???

Good diving. Good company. And the usual good food. Iíll be back Ė thatís a threat!!


Just awesome once again - thanks to Mick, Lyn and Carly. Weather got better and better, good viz, Found everything on this weekends wish list: Weedy, grey nurse, turtle, cuttlefish, very playful octopus. Great company and excellent food. Just what the doctor ordered. Cheers


Fantastic weekend! Saw too much to list here Ė heaps of fish, wobbegongs, a turtle, octopuses, weedy sea dragons and so much more! Iím not a very experienced diver yet but this whole weekend has made me so much more confident in my diving abilities. Thanks so much to Lyn and Mick for everything, and Carly for the delicious food! Loved every minute!


Could not quite keep up with the "Name That Tune" last night after dinner, but did enjoy the Monty Python jokes. Everything was incredible Ė the food, the crew, the boat, the company, and the Bay. Thanks M, L, and C Ö Iíll be back!


What an exciting weekend full of fun, fish, and diving. Thanks to Lyn, Mick, and Carly for the incredible instruction, food, and my open water certification. Way to many sea creatures to list here, but my favorites were the weedy sea dragon and a grey nurse shark. The incredible food gave us the energy to continue diving with enthusiasmÖ canít wait to come back for round two!


Thanks to Lyn and Mick and Carly for another wonderful Ocean Trek weekend. It was great to be expected unlike last year. I bought a wrap up snorkel and saw a grey nurse.


What an Adventure! Awesome company, great food, and incredible dives! This weekend outdid all my expectations. Thanks to Mick, Lyn and Carly for making it so memorable. See you again soon!