Dive Centre Bondi

8-9 March 2014

Kirsty’s Birthday Diving Weekend – 21 again, and doesn’t look a day over 40!! Liz leaves her mask by the kitchen sink, where she left it cutting onions. That might make it a little difficult to identify fish. Cat serenades everyone with her new favourite song "That’s A Morray (eel) " while Chris discovers the cold water does not compliment his manhood !! All in all, a successful trip, fabulous diving, great food and great company. Thanks Ocean Trek!

Wauw !! what an amazing weekend, grey nurse sharks, whobi"s, ray’s and many more. Really enjoid this weekend dive in jervis bay, great visability, what else do you want more !! all together a great weekend with, nice group of people, sweet crew on the ocean trek boat and perfect food to kept us going during the weekend !!

Great atmosphere, beautiful dive sites, tasty food and super nice crew. Gray nurse sharks, wobbegongs, bull rays, Port Jackson sharks, a whole lot to see. Perfect weekend!

No word to describe it’s trip from an another world.

Crazy Dive-Spicy food-amazing staff ! will be hard to come back to reality !

Thanks you to have been very professional guides

Perfect weekend aboard the Ocean Trek! Small group, great atmosphere, great food and most of all amazing dive sites. The crew is fantastic: I’d never had such a level of service on a liveaboard with hot water and dry towel always available. The true Australian diving experience!

What a fun weekend: plenty of diving, good food, great company, fun music "contest". Diving Aztec Wall was superb, with great vis and plenty of grey nurse shark action! We’ll be back again for some more diving.

Had a really enjoyable weekend! Thanks to all the team at Ocean Trek for your hospitality, great food and fantastic location!

Fab diving, fab shark sightings and a great crew as usual – Mick’s surpassed himself this time with the audio and visual entertainment…I’m off to buy myself a flouro websuit! Thanks all on Ocean Trek for another great trip, thanks for lending me a mask – a somewhat essential piece of kit I left at home! Apologies to the big Grouper for being punched in the face by Kirsty.

Yeah sorry grouper, you took that smack in the head really well…you shouldn’t have had 3 of my fingers in your mouth earlier…just saying! Had an amazing birthday diving weekend. Thanks for the lovely varied renditions "Happy Birthday" your song collection is second to none Mick!