MARCH 2014

We started our camp with a long trip to Jervis Bay to stay on a boat for four nights. We had an amazing time swimming with banjo sharks, grey nurse sharks and a wide variety of other marine life. We had a great time staying on the boat with our hosts Mick, Lyn and Haley who cooked us great meals. We started the week not knowing what to expect only pictures from others past experiences, it was only the need to look outside the window to show that these pictures have shown up to their expectations. The water was crystal clear and sparkling. Nothing could hold us back from jumping into the water to see the unforgettable underwater world! Our wildest dreams could not comprehend the amazing scenes we saw underneath that water. The peaceful sound of bubbles rising put your body to ease.

It was a shock to the system at the first leap into the water, but the moment you sink your head down into the underwater fantasy, you begin to immerse yourself and feel at home with the fish.

Under the water with the fish flicking and dodging towards you or creating a moving, fluid wall as they surround you is one of those times when you feel like you could just stay there forever. After the first few minutes of diving – after all the air has escaped from your wettie and has been replaced by freezing cold water, it doesn’t feel odd to be breathing via tank…

I got wet.

Apparently there was a turtle but I missed it

It was an amazing week on the Ocean Trek Boat. I loved every minute of it, and will keep the memories forever.

Scuba Diving was amazing, we saw some big Gropers and some little Cuttle Fish was changed colour – it was amazing.

The Aztec City wall was where it was at. Diving with numerous Grey Nurse Sharks, having Cuttle Fish light up for us and a huge Groper vomit on Pauly D’s head along with many other spectacular sights really does take your breath away.

I had an awesome experience on the boat for the week; I saw some great things and learnt a lot about marine life. The trip is something I will never forget.

I really enjoyed the trip. It was a new experience and I don’t think I have ever been in the water for so long. The marine life was awesome but the water was a bit colder than I expected.

The trip was really fun. I saw plenty of amazing things under and above the water line and I would definitely do it again straight away tomorrow it was the best and most relaxed week I enjoyed my self a lot and want to do it again.

A fantastic week- snorkelling with beautiful grey nurse sharks by day, sweating over mind-boggling puzzles by night, this was an amazing experience, with so many opportunities to bond with everyone, or to escape the noise. Jumping into the sea off the top deck, and sleeping down in the bunkers all worked to make this trip so memorable. Thank you Ocean Trek crew!!!