Like a Sunrise Dave from St George

22-23 FEBRUARY 2014

As we board for our trip the sky opens up and weeped for our endeavour. Following a night filled with the roaring of slumbering beasts we had a lovely breakfast. We did contact the guiness book of records, but they said that Kay diving in cold water was not a record, just a minor miracle. John promptly showed us again what was served and then went diving. "Once you throw your right to go".

The first dive was full of wobbies. There were heaps of them and some very friendly. The girls loved the wobbies but Alan decided to play tag, shark won. By now Kay had already lost her dive buddy and wondered off with another group

As the day progressed we saw banjo ray, seven grey nurse sharks, a giant cuttlefish, a pineapple fish and blue devil fish. At the end of the fourth dive Lisa and Renee ascended into a school of fish, then all of a sudden they started swimming towards us, keeping our eyes out for the cause of the fishy panic we soon saw a seal. There were not so many fish at ‘Fisy Spot’, but many divers got to frolic with the seals.

Our hosts made our diving very easy. Dave promptly started glowing in the dark for his sunburn.

The Saturday proved to be cooler and after the dive the hot water hose on the back deck was the most popular place to be between dives.

Sunday morning greeted us with patchy blue sky and some sun shine. With bellies filled with pancakes (that everyone managed to keep down) we were all keen to find some grey nurse sharks after being promised them the previous day. We were not disappointed. Every diver saw at least 2 grey nurse and most saw 5 or 6 during the first dive of the day.

Surface time then bellies refilled and it was back down for the last dive of the weekend.