The Gang Trip 2014

10-15th February 2014


Seems I am the first to write my story this trip, although I wasnít booked on. Talking to Mick on the phone on Monday I was invited to come down and join in the fun. After much deliberation and consideration for work (which I had little of) down I came.

As usual a good time was had with dives in green and blue water and a trip to the whorehouse to top it off with vis so good you could see one end to the other. Good to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

X Boris

Yet another great GANG trip was had by all. It was a bit of a shame that some of the usual members were unable to make this trip. Those that did were able the educate the newer member in how to have a good time.

Gear failure was my bug bear and next time I will need to have a supply of the correct "O" to same my dives.

I still had a great time and Iíll be back next year


The GANG werenít all here but great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. Also had the opportunity to dive with Captain Cousteau (aka Kimmo), although he does seem to have lost some of his touch over the years and the accent is nowhere near as mellifluous.

After a heavy blow on Sunday before the trip, conditions settled, ending with blue water for the Whorehouse 9n Friday. I still need some wide-angle so will just have to come back again.


A real treat to join the GANG for an awesome week away from Sydney. 18 great dives separated by Lyn & Mickís culinary delights (plus a little wine in the evenings). Highlights included completing Joshís AOW and my 200th dive.

Very tempted to come along for the June long weekend, and perhaps join the GANG again in Feb 2015 (if weíre allowed!).


After not even having 20 dives up my sleeve the great trip with Mick and Lyn was the best way I could have finished my AOW and expand my horizons in diving. 5 days of nothing but wonderful company, good food and great diving. The GANG was very welcoming and had the best time! Plenty of off-gassing allowed for extended "bottom" times. Loved every bit of it! Will definitely be back!!


I had a great time as a non diver. The food was fantastic and I know I ate too much. I probably slept too much as well. I did however enjoy watching out for dolphins and seals and I wasnít disappointed the dolphins love to swim at the bow they are amazing to watch. The cliffs around Point Perpendicular were incredible, the sandstone all in layers looked like flat blocks stacked on top of each other. Iím hoping to talk Paul into coming back again soon. I donít think it will be too difficult. Thanks Mick and Lyn for a great trip.


After many a weekend, both long and short and the odd Easter and new years trips I finally booked on the mid week trip. Well it was worth it. Plenty of room on the boat, the normal great service and good food. Diving both sides of the bay and of course a few dives outside. Thanks again to Mick and Lyn. Great operation.