Sleep Eat Dive…Repeat

9th February 2014

The vicinity was not great but still managed to get some good video with the highlight of the dive being the Eastern Blue Devil Fish which Tracy spotted in a overhang.

Fantastic trip! Nice introduction to advanced diving. Plenty of sea life. Was great to see sharks and fish bigger than me!!

Four words…You will never starve! Good diving, great crew, and sea sickness was kept to a minimum despite the windy conditions! I will definitely be coming on board again!

Where the hell has Ivan gotten to now?

We saw a creatures great and small- from a grey nurse shark to a tiny white sea horse. Loads of fun on the boat. Games like Tell which Song, two truths and a lie, and few beers were part of the fun. It was really, repetition of eat, party, dive!!!

Eat, sleep, dive REPEAT! What more could you want? Lovely weather, not great visibility but still had some very enjoyable dives and saw some cool creatures. Great people on the boat and an awesome crew who took very good care of us. It was a great weekend away.

I’ve never lived aboard a boat before and expected extreme sea sickness all weekend. To my surprise and with strategic boat placement I haven’t felt sick once, and I have enjoyed the wonderful food. Great team, great instructions and great diving! Thanks crew for making it a memorable weekend. Keryn.

I was so excited to leave Sydney on Friday to head down to Jervis Bay for my first live-aboard and it definitely lived up to expectations. We couldn’t want for more, super knowledgeable, friendly and proficient crew, yummy food, and comfy quarters. Dive sites were varied and had an awesome bunch of people to enjoy the weekend with. Thanks Dive Imports for organizing and Ocean Trek for having us - Bronwyn

Haven’t been to JB for 30 years so looking forward to reacquainting myself, came down with my daughter Gemma and her Godfather and my closest friend Ivan. Unfortunately I only had 2 dives as I experienced breathing difficulties due to an impending cold. Apart from that, a very enjoyable weekend. Very friendly, professional and caring crew, would recommend to anybody looking for a weekend diving in JB – Gordon

Great area to dive, and a great crew to dive with.

Thanks to the staff of Ocean Trek for a great weekend.

Ivan M. (experience is what you get ten minutes after you need it!)

Leaving the jetty at 10pm on Friday night in a Inflatable dingy to the mother ship is a sight and a half. Great atmosphere and super accommodating staff. Will definitely be coming back hopefully with some better viz. You will not be hungry. – Rick & Leon

Great group to dive with, great crew – competent efficient and generous. Wonderful meals. Pity about the viz L Definitely want to come back on Ocean Trek – Michael

I love Live-boards and Ocean Trek are AWESOME. Thanks for taking such good care of us. Easy to run courses on board when you have such helpful & happy crew and even easier to relax after wonderful diving. Mick & Lyn thought of everything to make this weekend superb. No wonder you won 4th place in best Australian Live-aboard competition – next year 1st place. I’ve reserved my room,,,I’ll be back ---Lyndi