J.B.D.C. In Jervis Bay

1st December 2013

Raining on Friday night but stopped just before the pick up at Husky wharf. Weather prediction for weekend not good but.........................................................................

What can I say but WOW! And thank you to Lyn, Mick and Wazza for such a fantastic weekend! So much seen too much to describe but the octopus, weedy sea dragons, wobbies and my favourite the Cuttlefish were spectacular highlights of an awesome weekend! I just canít thank all of those people who provided support for we divers. A happy and smiley..... Mel has returned J

Came on board on Friday night being picked up from husky wharf with all the other divers and I have had the best weekend learnt so much about what happens on a dive weekend with Ocean Trek both Ed & myself have had a great time and every one has been great . Thank you very much Lynn & Mick..... Gail & Ed Egan

The forecast during the week was looking like some big swells would be rolling into the bay. However, on Saturday morning the conditions had improved heaps with blue skies and good diving conditions. On Sunday the day was fantastic with the dive of the day being the drift dive along the front of Bowen Island. Plenty of great things to see. Many thanks .....John C

Arr their be a sail off the starboard bow, batten down the hatches light the flash pan and keep your powder dry, once again the scurvy sea dogs of the JBDC boarded O Trek. Bugger they had hidden their woman folk and locked away their valuables and rum

Mmmmm after hoisting the jolly roger, bracing the mainsail, a swashbuckling we did go pillaging and plundering fair maidens all, reeking havoc on all critters great and small, damm they all taste like chicken. Wazza

Beginner snorkeler whom not only wanted the muffin recipe but a hunger for more visits to the underwater world was apparent as they gave me a snorkel, proper fins and even taught me how to use the ladder. Grt wkend, new friends, update current interest fun, laughter, security and not long enough. Thankyou, Julieann Fog

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! The water was warm. The viz continually improved. There were plenty of critters with the highlight being the sightings of grey nurse. It was wonderful to dive with adoptive son, Brad. The food and company was exceptional and I should have shaken on the 100 to 1 bet that Sue would not dive. Thereís always next timeÖ.

This was my first live-a-board and I am now officially hooked! Canít wait to do it all againÖ the conditions were much better than predicted, vis was great and I had new experiences with occys, grey nurses and entry methods. It was wonderful to meet so many great people that I could learn so much from. Mick, Lyn and Warren were amazing and the food was awesome! Thanks for everything and I canít wait to do it all again!

Waiting at Huskisson wharf, with anticipation of yet another great weekend with JBDC and fabulous professional crew on Ocean Trek. Of course Jervis Bay met all my expectations of great diving Fabulous visibility, great weather and warm water. Not to mention the many varied marine life. Thank you thank you thank you for the warm friendship and laughter

What a fabulous weekend, great company, great fun, great food, great diving, great crew, great weather, great everything. If you ever get the chance to go out for a weekend on Ocean Trek donít miss it. It was just the best, thank you Lyn, Mick and Warren.

A big weekend of diving, the second last dive in particular being fantastic, went in at Cross Rock, viz very good, fish life better Ė Weedies, Kingfish, a cruising Wobby, sponges spewing colour. Bowen was obviously gearing up for summer, water temp mostly 19 or 20. Time on deck was almost as good (the divingís always best), food equal second.

Another fantastic weekend aboard Trekkie. After 4 years without diving, JBDC and the ocean were more than welcoming. Saw some grey nurses, plenty of weedy's and some cranky little morays to play with. Thank you to Lyn, Mick and Wazza for such a great weekend, I am thrilled to be back in the water!!

My first time aboard Ocean Trek!! What a fabulous time!!! You have all got me sold on getting certified. I will be out there with you all next time!! Thanks to Lyn, Mick and Warren for a wonderful weekend.

Didnít have a dive. Did anyone really think I would . But had a great snorkel and paddle and awesome weekend on Trekkie as usual. Great bunch of people , I love JBDC . Thanks Lyn & Mick for a great weekend !!!

Thank Lyn, Mick and Warren great weekend of diving, itís great to drift along sand lines off Bowen at about the 20mtr mark with about 15mtr viz and be pick up where ever you stop, an unreal w/end on ocean Trek