Fuzzy Duck

17th November 2013

What a great weekend! We saw heaps of wobbegongs, king fish, schooling fish and eels, to name a few. Great diving, great company and delicious food J

Another fun dive weekend on Otrek. Had a great time cruising around the bay diving at Bowen Is. Lots of colourful fish (Golden Pomfrets, Old Wife, Mado, Sweep, Grouper, etc) BIG Wobbegons sharks and Weedy Sea Dragons.

Me and my husband on our first dive adventure far from the shore dives close to our home. Our first liveabord trip, and we loved. We cant wait to do it again. We saw sharks, eels, sea dragons, and lots of fish. We ate a lot on the boat (I love eating). Everything was awesome!

Great boat, great buddies! Sorry I brought the Sydney viz with me, but great Fdiving anyway. Can’t wait to come back. (P.S. Thanks for the Intova tips, Mick.)

Lyn and Mick were fantastic hosts…thanks guys! Ocean Trek makes diving so easy. I love that I only had to set my gear up once then didn’t have to worry about it. The warm outdoor shower was very welcome at the end of our dives too. The food was sooooo good.

Great fun , fantastic trip ,loads to see underwater water .

Would definitely give it a go again. Cheers bigears J

Another great weekend on Ocean Trek; lots of critters, great food and company. Well done to our fantastic hosts Mick & Lynn – Cheers Guys! Fuzzy Duck?? Ducky Fuzz, Does He?