Emily is a DIVER

10th November 2013

With my parents both as scuba divers I’ve grown up with it around me. I’ve been coming on Ocean Trek since I was 8 years old and my life jacket was bigger than me. I always loved coming on Ocean Trek with my parents, it was always so much fun because Lyn and Mick would let me help around the boat while everyone else was in the water. Ever since then, I wanted to become a scuba diver. I’m now 13 and I have my own scuba divers license. This has been my 6th year coming on Ocean Trek and I still love it the same. Scuba diving for me is now the main part of my life and even though this is my first time diving on Ocean Trek, it feels natural as if I’ve been doing it forever. Thank You to all of the crew, Mick and Lyn, my parents and everybody else for making this yet another memorable trip on the boat. –Emily J

Hello hello hello! What’s going on here then? Hattie and Dave are sitting around getting waited on hand and foot. Here Here!

Four snorkels in the weekend, wonderful vis. Good company and the wonderful Oceanttrek crew. Thanks guys you know we know love you and miss you heaps.

Great weekend aboard the Ocean Trek. Good food and lots of it. Good variety of dive sites. Colourful and rugged to quiet and aquarium like. Last dive at "The fishy spot" saw the biggest baddest wobbygong in my life.

Cheers Pete

Very proud of my little dive buddy. Completely unfazed to be arms length from grey nurse bigger than her. Another excellent weekend on OT at 18C with viz in the 15 to 20m range. Glad that Lyn liked the pots and the coffee mugs!


So after years of diving on OceanTrek and hearing about Grey Nurse sharks, it finally happened, and I now know the secret…….don’t take your camera!!! GoPro decided to die on me before even getting in the water and on the second dive of the weekend and we came across a big female – excellent. We also spotted the local turtle having a sleep in one of the gutters at Aztec Wall, along with JB favorites, Eastern Blue Devil Fish and Weedy Seadragon. All-in-all a great weekend.


Another great trip on Ocean Trek – but this one was a bit more special as my daughter – Emily - came on board with her Open Water Certification – Yay!!. The underwater world has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl so to see Emily loving it as much as I did has been a dream come true. It was lovely see her so relaxed under the water and to see a grey nurse shark on her second dive was very exciting. It was just a shame that our other dive buddy Sean had to miss out on this weekend L . Lovely to see the ex-Argos once again and our mate Boris. Fantastic viz and warm water – very nice under the water. Can’t wait to return soon. Thanks again to Mick and Lyn for taking us to the wonderful dive sites and for looking after us.. Thanks for the yummy roast Carly Carly. Thanks for organizing the trip James… see you all soon. Cheers, Melissa xo.

A great weekends diving once again on OceanTrek. Weedy Sea Dragons , Turtle , Wobbegongs , Port Jacksons and many more species. Thanks to Mick and Lyn and the crew. Sam Baxter , Gordon’s Bay SCUBA Diving Club.

A lovely weekend on board Ocean Trek as usual. Great to have been with Emily on her 1st ocean trek dive. And for her to find a grey nurse shark that hung around for about 15 minutes. Awesome. Welcome Emily to the wonderful world of diving. X boris

AT 53 years of age, I finally did the right thing and took the Nitrox course run by auntie Lyn, what an experience, and well worth the effort, should have done it a long time ago. Lyn is a great teacher and the PADI e-learning link through the Ocean Trek resort link is a very easy tool to use.

Thanks to everyone for making my wife Debbie welcome as a non diver, we had a lovely weekend, spoilt in the exec cabin (not my usual accom on board)

A really great weekend, thanks to all Pat & Debbie.

GOLD  ????

Emily the DIVER