Seals ,Whale and Dolphins

26th October 2013

Arriving at the Ocean Trek with Pricilla, queen of the dinghy's, a stellar open night sky welcomed the guests on our boat. Ready for a great weekend to come, starting with a good introduction; playing some board games on iPads, old school card games and some classic top hits in the background.

Next morning after the usual brekkie like kings do breakfast, we had a rocky first dive with big swells, but worth the test drive, because the second dive was amazing, surround with seals. They jump in as soon as they see us getting down the ocean. We had to make sure we were as playful as they were. Only than you were worth the play. That is what the jumpy little whale calf must have thought when he came splashing along the boat, looking to find out what the fuzz was all about. A great way to say hello to the "curious humans". We decided to agree. One of our diver was lucky enough to be still in, to spot the little enthusiast from under the surface. The rest remained jealous of course.

A few of the boys were on rebreathers : Prisim 2, Posiedon and A JJ. These guys seemed to be on a winner with the seals paying them much attention playing with them for a good part of the dive. I think they were more than curious to see divers that didn't expel air every breath and were intrigued with them.

But that was not all. After a few casual dives of which one included a wreck and obviously full of fish, we headed back to our next spot over night into the bay. Thankfully it wasn't your average drive back, as we were accompanied by a fabulous family of a pod of dolphins swimming along at the bow of the boat. Lying there with your head over the edge practically touching our new friends.

Sundays dive was a bit murky, but once again the marine life did not disappoint. Weedy sea dragons, grey nurse sharks, eagle rays, wobbegongs and the ever curious Blue groupers.

Started with an orderly pickup on Friday night. Good setup, good crew, excellent food and good dive briefings. Four nice dives on Saturday to cater for all levels of experience. The highlight for me was the wreck of SS Wandra, a nice wreck spread out with even some of the timbers still intact. The seal came out and played with some of the divers, lucky buggers. Sunday two leisurely dives, both easy and relaxing, sharks, rays, nudibranchs and always large blue groupers. A good weekend and I'll be back next year with a group.

A bit rough but some good dives. more to see still unseen so will have to return to see the clear water.