The Daring and the DRY Suiters

23-25th August 2013

If Port Jackson sharks are your thing, and you’re also partial to the odd weedy sea dragon then this was the weekend for you. Beautiful weather, loads of PJs and wobbegongs littering the sea floor – a photographer’s wet dream!

It was a great trip, many and many Port Jackson sharks and Sea dragoons. Really cool, even if water was extra cold ! Thanks to all the crew, very nice guys ! Jeremy

Great sunny weekend in Jervis Bay with some excellent dives, sea temperature could have done with being a few degrees warmer but my new lavacore socks did their trick, great purchase. Disappointed to of been blind enough not to notice the weedy sea dragon hanging out at the end of the anchor on the second dive but seeing 2 fine specimens on the 3rd more than made up for it, my first sea dragons in the wild, well chuffed. Great company, lots of food & drink, excellent drive weekend. Many thanks to the hosts.

The thought of diving in the middle of winter doesn’t appeal to everyone, which is just as well as its makes more fun for those of us who persevere and get wet J . The diving was lovely, although did have to stop counting PJ’s at 100. The hosts are fantastic, very friendly and knowledgeable – will defo be back again very soon, thanks again Oli

PJ’s are definitely the theme of the trip, the first 4 we saw seemed pretty cool at the time, only to look up and realise that every gully had a heap crowded in. For winter diving the weather has been amazing. Sunny days, the odd whale, seal and dolphin hanging around and very quiet out on the water. Loved it!!! Thanks to all hosts and divers. KG

My first trip on Ocean Trek – what a great boat and fabulous crew. Really enjoyed the ocean side of Bowen Island, with its infestation of Port Jacksons, the boulders and swim throughs are great fun. And our new dry suits made it all the more enjoyable in the chill of Jervis in Spring. Dolphins feeding around the boat after our night dive were the icing on the cake. Time to have lunch in the Spring sun and go home. Thanks Richard, Mick, Lyn and Ken for a great diving weekend. I’ll be back.

Excellent time on Ocean Trek again, the weather was fantastic with calm seas and so plenty of smiles and no green faces yippee. This trip was the lets try new stuff trip with my Hollis Explorer, a new drysuit, the new black light from light and motion and my video camera, what could possibly go wrong, fortunately nothing. The night dive was amazing with the new light all sorts of funny critters, sponges and corals glowing in the dark, I am definitely going to take it to Shelly or Fairlight on my return.

Diving was its usual high standard, JB is definitely the PJ/Crested horn capital of the world plus weedys galore and a host of great fish. Out the water were seals, dolphins and a whale next to the boat after the last dive just to round things out.

Thanks to Lyn, Mick, Ken for a great trip and also a thanks to my fellow travellers for a memorable time. Ill be back!! Tricky and Janet.