"Hollis Rebreather"

10-13th August 2013

Well 4 days with the latest toys. The Hollis electronic semi closed rebreather is a fun unit. The sophisticated life support electronics are very precise with little error movement resulting sometimes with these proto- release units occasionally been temperamental , none the less they were great to breathing from , ascending, descending and all aspects of diving was simple. Fish were in your face, with many Port Jackson around as you would expect this time of the year. A lovely water temp of 16 degrees, a fantastic and enthusiastic instructor Rubens Monaco the weekend plus went well.

The production version of the Hollis Explorer will arrive in Australia later this month and information gleaned from pre production testing will ensure an easy to use and reliable unit. All students appreciated the hard work and professionalism of Instructor Rubens Monaco who was well organised and offered an enjoyable, fun course on the Hollis Explorer Recreational Rebreather.

Having done the Poseidon MK2 Rebreather Course last year and had not totally fallen in Love with the unit I found the Hollis much easier to use....and more appealing. Its simplicity in use for example during ascents makes it a dream. I also found that it was a much dryer unit in the loop with the nice auto water traps. Being able to sneak up to the fish and sharks was a great experience. Thank you to Rubens for his patience and professionalism in his course delivery.....in him I trust

After months of travelling around Australia teaching people to dive the new Hollis Explorer rebreather, I finally made it down to Jervis Bay to spend some time with my good friends Lyn and Mick from Ocean Trek and had the pleasure of doing their PADI Explorer course. Along with John OBrien from PADI, we had an awesome weekend of diving which didnít end there! I then spent a further two days teaching Logan and Colin also. A pleasure as always and had a great time on board...