Octopus Research

5th-8th August 2013

Two Scientists, two Hardy divers and one Knitter made up the compliment that researched the "OCTOPULUS" unique dive site. The aim to extend research work that has been ongoing for the past few yrs.

David Scheel university research lecturer from Alaska, Peter Godfrey-Smith Professor of philosophy of the city University of New York. Mathew Lawrence finder of the site resident of Jervis Bay, Peter Adams free-lance consultant and his gorgeous wife Jeannine knitter and biscuit slice maker, made up the five.

The original foundation paper published "Marine and Fresh water behaviour and physiology" 2012 . see details giantcuttlefish.com .-

Jeannine Went on a fantastic journey with the Professor and Mary-Ann, as I conveniently named them early in the journey as I wasn’t yet sure of their names, and as Lyn yelled at me ‘which divers are up Jeannine’ it was the first thing that came to mind!!!

I was along for the ride really, hoping to help where I could but instead rested and knitted and I got to help man handle Pricilla and generally clear dishes and zip up dry suits and pull the back ladder up and down, basically Mick and Lyn the owner of the amazing Ocean Trek are a ‘well oiled machine’ seemingly serving food and providing services, in a professional and well coordinated manner…well done guys!!

Matty. A comfortable and efficient platform to perform research on this unique site. A big thanks to Lyn and Mick for making the Treky available. An enjoyable couple of days diving with octopopus, huge wobbygongs and assorted critters. Visibility was surprisingly good , and the water was a little chilly16c (really loving the new dry suit)

A thanks to everyone involved.

Peter A Well. All types of weather above water made entries and exits interesting. Mick & Lyn’s skills in getting us onto the site were amazing. Great experience and opportunity to help with some really interesting research into these amazingly intelligent creatures. It was also beaut to spend extended time on the dive site measuring and surveying and starting to see much more of the complex ecosystem that has evolved around these octopi. Just a really fulfilling time enjoying learning about octopi, New York, and Alaska, while being incredibly well fed and looked after by Lyn & Mick.

Peter G-S: a great few days in the water and on Ocean Trek, studying a unique ecosystem which continues to change as the years pass. Many thanks to Lyn and Mick, who did a terrific job and made the diving very safe and enjoyable. Matt Lawrence and Peter Adams were great underwater, as always, and helped David Scheel and I collect a lot of excellent data. Hope to be back on Ocean Trek soon.

David: Ocean Trek is a unique research platform with plenty of space and everything the divers could want. Thanks to Mick and Lyn for there support and great meals. It was a treat to spend time underwater with the critters, and see a bit more of how things are unfolding on this unusual spot on the bottom of the ocean.

http://giantcuttlefish.com  Research link