When North meets South

2nd-5th August 2013

Three divers from up north (Port Stephens) made the 6 hour trip down to Jervis bay for a weekend of diving. The base of this undertaking was the Ocean Trek with Mick and Lyn. Well, right from the start things could not have gone more smoothly. Accommodation was great, the food fantastic and the company even better. And the diving….well the diving was just as good, both inside and outside the Bay. Sites like the Whorehouse, Fish Rock, Apollo Reef just to name a few, were great sites. Lyn gave the best briefs so you knew where you were when you hit the water.

The weekend was not long enough to explore and experience this awesome area. A huge thank you to Mick and Lyn for such a great weekend. Matt, Trudie and Dan .

The four divers from the South (Hannah, Steve, Leo & Phil) made the drive up from Melbourne and settled in for a few drinks at the local after which we were transferred to the boat and our weekend of great diving began.Thanks to Mick and Lyn for a great liveaboard experience and Carly for her great cooking and company. A weekend isn’t long enough though to explore all Jervis Bay has to offer.