Lost Camera

7th-10th June 2013

Long w’end on Ocean Trek did you say Sean? – OK !! I’m there!!

Yet another relaxing trip on Ocean Trek with some fantastic dives and great company. Was lovely to catch up with Karen and Dave again. Did one of my favourite dives this morning – Whore House… lovely site with the lighting and formation of rocks etc. Missed seeing the seals on scuba yesterday but managed to see them on snorkel…YAY ! Water wasn’t too bad – 17-18 degrees with some good viz.

Thanks again to Mick, Lyn, Shawn & Carly for looking after us. Always nice to return back home on Ocean Trek !! Safe diving guys and keep smiling !! and Enjoy it. Cheers, Melissa xo. What a way to finish the weekend with Dave finding his camera. WOOHOO J .

It’s great to have that extra day’s diving in long weekend. While some were heading up to the snow for the start of the ski season, we got one last dive in before winter really sets in. The water was calm, clear, and still 18 degrees top to bottom, so great diving conditions. It was great to see Dave come back with his lost camera in tow on the last dive – phew! Awesome trip, thanks team.

Sean Mc

It’s hard to type when the boat is rocking! Totally excellent diving and company, though we’re still looking…. looking… looking for the ‘plucked budgie fish’.

Judy F.

Always to best of trips on Ocean Trek and this trip had some added interest…….

On Ocean Trek outward bound,

For a great weekend swimming around,

Took the latest GoPro,

Tot get the best viedo,

But it spent more time LOST than FOUND!

Thanks for a great weekend, Lynn, Mick, Shaun, Carly!

Dave and Karen

Well, well, well (three holes in the ground), another Great long weekend onboard. Good food, warm bed and lots and lots of diving outside. What more could you want but to find a camera! Thanks again to all the crew.

Michael W