Harbour Hooligans

29th-3rd May 2012

Another great trip on Ocean Trek.

The girla were misbehaving again hot hose down their wetsuits the whole timr, especially Lynita, great vis 30 to 40 metres.

We had plenty of friendly blue gropers to play with and cuttlefish to keep us entertained.

The thought of returning to cold winter pier diving in Melbourne has made me decide Iím not going home Ė Iím going to stay on Ocean Trek and eat, dive, dive, eat, nap, dive, dive, eat, sleep for the rest of my days. Thanks to Lyn and Mick for an awesome break from reality, Nudi Girl

We had a lovely civilised timeÖ.and we were all very well behaved.ha ha Came to get some more boat diving experience, and thatís exactly what I got, and a whole lot more! Loved every minute of it! Plus to top it all off the food was awesome! Thanks heaps Lyn and Mick. Iíll be back for sure!

Thank you for a great dive

Got to visit some amazing dive sites around Jarvis Bay, the favourite being the unspidery Spider Cave. Thanks to Lyn & Mick for a great week away from the real world!

Ripper trip. Great dive club and a fantastic boat crew. Awesome diving with everything from nudibranchs to grey nurse sharks. Incredible variety of sites depending on conditions. Canít wait to come back. Pete

First dive trip with my daughter and buddy Emily. Didnít know what to expect but certainly didnít expect such an awesome trip. WOW! Great vis, warm water and not to mention amazing sea life. Loved every dive site and especially loved the massive cuttlefish. Loved it all. Thanks Lyn and Mick for everything!

What can I say to sum up such an amazing trip, not only was the diving absolutely spectacular but it was a great group of people to be stuck on a boat with!! Was an all round perfect trip. Great dives, great people and a great atmosphere. Thankyou Mick & Lyn for the memories you both created. It was truly unforgettable J J Emily