Remote Turtle & Head-Butting Wobbies

14th April 2013

After 15 years of being away from Ocean Trek the Scruton Levy dive partnership has been renewed in style. Never have I laughed so loud underwater as Oded erected his limp sausage and dangling cord. It’s great to be back, and we’ll be back.

Could agree more with John; Giant Bull Rays, Eagle Ray, breath taking landscape and Second attempt produced a fully erect sausage and replaced the big laugh with a look of respect – never give up boys J

It was my first dive on board and I enjoyed a lot!

Topside there was lost boots - only to be found on feet, lost water bottles - only to be found in arms, and possible dubious fiddling (aka sabotaging) of gear pre-dive… It’s a damn good thing with the antics topside that all the NDC crew where good divers underwater!!!

Underwater there was head-butting by a wobbies, bumping by a Port Jackson sharks and cruised-by Grey Nurse’s…
Got to love liveaboards & in particular Ocean Trek - where else can you have this much dive fun and know that no matter what you do your buddies can’t get away from you!!!


That might be the best dive on Ocean Trek yet. Jumped straight in and saw a 2 metre plus Grey Nurse Shark cruising through, then Blue Devil Fish, then octopus, and even a remote controlled turtle (with crusty radar tracker) that swam face to face with Melissa all in the one dive! Fantastic.

Thanks to Mick, Lyn, Ken, Shawn, and Carly for another very enjoyable weekend.

Sean Mc.

WOW… talk about action packed dives ;-) One of the most memorable dives in JB..(note: as above with what Sean wrote) 2nd dive on Sat… WOOHOO !!! Doesn’t get better than that !! AWESOME !! Can’t believe that turtle came up to say hello in my mask!!

Beautiful weather and warm water – 20 degrees. Nice to catch up with the ex-Argo’s again..Thanks again James for organising it… (even though you couldn’t make it). Had a Rum for you on Friday Night with Boris & Mick.

Thanks Lyn for fixing my tank and thank you Ken for lending me your "Big Baby Tank"… Congratulations Shaun – pleased to hear you are now a "Dive Master"..

Thanks again Crew for looking after us: Lyn, Mick, Ken, Shaun and Carly… See you soon… Cheers… Melissa xo.

Yet another awsesome weekend on board the good ship Ocean Trek. Caught up with 4 of my favourite dive crew. Many thanks to Ken, Carly and our brand new dive master Shaun, always a pleasure!!! Broke the record in the cabin - two girls and the big girls blouse Boris!!! Lucky Boris. Great diving at 20deg – even broke out the wet suit for a dive. Thanks to entertaining wobbegong – and all the other wildlife. Shame I didn’t see the turtle but heard stories. I’ll be back and yes that’s threat not a promise.

Great to have Fran back in the water – enjoying a childfree weekend.

Cheers Jude

Fantastic weekend. Had a "remote control" turtle come right up to us for a visit! Beautiful weather and warm water made for a great weekend. Best part was seeing my first hammerhead shark on the drive back into shore!! Thanks for a great weekend!

Vicki and Steve

What an unbelievable trip! It felt like we were personal friends of the staff. They solved each little issue before it became a problem…"Blast I lost leg weight… oh thanks you have a spare" "Oh no, my dry suit leaks…. Oh thanks I would LOVE to try out a neck seal which will totally solve the problem" The best thing is I saw a giant cuttlefish. They DO exist… now I will be looking for dragons and the Yowie


It has been a long time guys … great to be back, better than ever! Great to see so many critters still here! Loved watching Jason’s close encounter with the biggest & grumpiest wobbegong I have ever seen! Awesome morays that wanted to play too! See you all again soon.


What an awesome weekends of firsts for me: first time using new wetsuit, first night dive, first Eastern Blue Devil Fish, and first time scaring a Wobbygong into my dive buddy! The Crew on the Ocean Trek make everything so easy so that all you have to worry about is what cool stuff you’re going to see underwater. Thanks for the great weekend!


A weekend of records for me also. Did the first dive and all dives but the night dive. Had 2 wonderful dive buddies, and a great weekend as usual. Thanks to all

x Boris

And what a story to tell: A "Caressing" Wobby gently slid over Rob's smooth head (bald) while he was emerging from a crevasse, then proceeded to nibble on Tony's fins. Tony been sensitive presumed it was Rob tugging turned around to be confronted by a 2+m wobby with jaws open displaying rows of gleaming teeth not more than 20cm from his face. Rob quickly recovered from his head job to loose his reg while laughing at Tony's unfolding encounter. What a dive to remember.

Melissa's close encounter with a "Transmitting Turtle"