Deep "In Debt"

7th April 2013

Norm has done it yet again. 20 enthusiastic gorgeous divers from Canberra, some on a" DEEP course" others doing "Nitrox" and the rest of us enjoying recreation diving in one of south coasts best diving location ‘JERVIS BAY".

Jervis Bay ……virtually no wind or swell is fantastic, we just needed the filter system to kick in as the viz was down

Another fantastic weekend on board Ocean Trek, diving the sites of Jervis Bay, a little merky but it was still a great.

The crew, we thank you for the food, hospitality and the service, it was fun and great to see smiling faces all weekend. Til next time…keep on trekking.

Great weekend, great people, excellent hosts, fear of boat diving not overcome….tried and failed, thanks to all the support and coaches…..I will overcome!!! Did enjoy a much needed relaxing weekend, thanks Norm and the crew of Ocean Trek. And a special thanks to whoever found Andrew’s camera!

Great weekend away! Good diving, great people & an awsome time!

Its always nice to catch up with old friends & make new ones!

Thanks to all the staff for making it such an enjoyable weekend out of the water too!

Awesome weekend. Great to meet such a keen bunch of divers and explore the bay. Thanks everyone on Ocean Trek for making this weekend easy, relaxed and safe.

Awesome extreme adventure time in the bay thanks to Norm, Indepth Staff and Oceantrek.

Despite the gloomy cloudy start to the days there were some jem sites and great dives and filling meals. We’ll be back!!

A big thanks to Mick and Lyn for an enjoyable trip ,Great tunes Mick kept us all guessing also a big thanks to Norm and Andrew for looking after us ,Adrian Johnstone

Good weekend, some very pleasant dives, good to get away with my Mate, Ox-man and to meet some great new folks on the boat. Look forward to the next Ocean Wrek weekend. Rob B.

Good shit , shame about sea conditions, would have enjoyed further north dive sites, thanks heaps for the experience, your service, and a nice weekend away, another good time on ocean trek, thanks adam

With a promise of many great white pointers being made, I was not disappointed too see just a few enlarged nudibranchs, given the low viz I was pleased too see anything! Saturdays gloom broke to a glorious day on Sunday and better conditions.


The whorehouse as always was a great dive, funny how we complain about poor viz, than throw ourselves into dark swim throughs – go figure, as always the food and entertainment of the crew was excellent and very satisfying, thanks Lyn, Mick, Carly and Warren, loved your hospitality. Cheers until next time.

Thanks Mick & Lyn, classic south coast diving made easy by Ocean Trek. The water was a little green (from the run off) but gave Jervis Bay a different perspective. Whorehouse, lots of nudis and the Occys were the highlights. Thanks for your hospitality and look forward to diving with you again. Jono