Old and New

24th March 2013

The weekend when the weather has been PERFECT.

Diving provided a good mix of water temp and vis, but up to the normal good Ocean Trek standards. Thanks to the Lyn, Mick and crew for another great weekend.

Michael W

Food good, accommodation good, company excellent and perfect way to get back into

Getting wet. Perfect weather too! Loved seeing free swimming wobbegongs and hearing other peoples tales of grey nurse sharks. Thanks to Lyn and Mick, Carly and

Sean (with apologies for my spelling) and to the big octopus that sat on a rock on my first dive. Have a safe trip home. (Typed by Julie with encouragement from Jim, Russell and Rika.)

Thanks all for the support in getting me past my first two ocean dives (especially Lyn for her patience). Was a great experience and an eyeopener for me as to the extent of life in the ocean. I look forward to returning to finish my training next month. Carolyn

A weekend diving by the old (Warren) & bold (Yolande) after a long lay-off from diving. A great weekend and just what we needed to re-invigorate us to get serious again and do more diving. Thanks Lyn & Mick for helping us to re-launch our career – we’ll see you on the water. –Plus Amazing Grey Nurse Sharks WOW.

Had a great time as my girl completed some of her training dives. Ken

A second excellent experience aboard Ocean Trek. Great Octopus on dive 1; great vis on dive 5, and saw many other fantastic colourful and amazing sights. Good food, company and team – well done and thanks. Rob

Sweet crew and very good customer service. Nice time on the Ocean Trek and beautiful diving spots. Thank you Guys! Sebastian

Great diving, delicious food, a lot of fun. Thanks a lot Ocean Trek team. Norbert

Awesome weekend, thanks a lot! The dives were great, the food and service even better. Hope to see you soon! Stef