Marlin & Grey Nurses

on Lyn’s Birthday

9th March 2013

Great weekend: awesome dives, very varied: nurses, stingray, huge schools of fish. Great food.

Who says Grey Nurse Sharks are endangered – not on Ocean Trek weekends. We were surrounded by at least ten monster sharks circling us ! Sadly missed spotting the marlin some of our group saw yesterday, but with giant stingrays, snapper, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, and schools of all sorts of fish who’s complaining ?

Happy Birthday Lyn, Pleasure to spend your special day with you on the ever awesome Oceantrek!! Thanks Carly – great cooking and lovely company. Also as usual great deckie – Andrew – you all work so hard to make a great weekend.

Enjoyed my spa at the Whorehouse – Grey Nurses made it all the more special. Good

Water temp - between 13 – 20. Beautiful sunsets to boot. Jude

A last minute chance to come diving at JB in March for Lyn’s birthday – OK!

The forecast was for light northerlies all weekend, and for a change, they got it right. We had the whole weekend on the north side of the bay, and even popped out the front for a dive at the whore house. The water was a little on the cool side (down to 13 deg at 25 metres), but pleasant in the shallows. Our last dive was at Grouper coast and we got to see 1-2-3-4-5! Grey Nurse sharks. Magic end to a great weekend’s diving. Thanks Mick, Lyn, Andrew, and Carly.

Have learnt a valuable lesson on my first dive trip in Jervis Bay – a surface swimming diver with bright white fins attracts marlins! I still can’t believe my luck to have seen such a beautiful fish so close. Also saw several grey nurse sharks and gorgeous little PJs. A great weekend diving and I’ll be back on Ocean Trek again soon! – Shannon

Well another awesome trip on ocean trek. An unusual late night on Friday hampered my ability to get in the water till late on Saturday but the dive and the company as usual were brilliant. Happy Birthday Lyn it was a pleasure to be here to help you celebrate again

X Boris.

Happy birthday Lyn! What a shark filled weekend it was, 3 types of shark on the first dive and a whole school of GNS on the last dive. Best OT weekend ever, I am trying to decide.

Ross xox

What a fantastic weekend for Lyn’s birthday!!! We had fun having pre-birthday drinks on Friday night – hey Boris …. Tee hee… Missed the fist couple of dives on Saturday but what a way to end the weekend with the Whore House and Grey Sharks for the last dive AWESOME! Happy Birthday Lyn !! We Love you to bits…Melissa xoxo Thanks again to Carly, Andrew, Mick and Lyn for taking care of us too !!! J See you in a few weeks… Cheers !!!


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