Woodleigh School 2013

4-7th March 2013

Jayden Skinner: Being the only diver on the trip, I got to enjoy both the snorkelling and the diving that this amazing place has to offer. Both the boat and its staff were fantastic and looked after us and put up with us and us as a group owe a lot to them, so thank you for helping us out over these past few days. J

Max Coleman: This past week has been sharded to the limit, from snorkelling to more snorkelling we are pretty snorkelled out. On a serious note Iím surprised at the amount of wildlife in the water and the terrain of the ocean. Thank you very much Lyn, Mick and Ken you have been very kind and frothing. Peace out mofoís. ( .Y .)

Mia Grunden: This past week has been an absolute ball. Literally eating and snorkelling. Living the life!! Seen the most amazing life in the ocean; Gropers, Grey Nurse Sharks, Port Jacksons, Wobbegongs, Sea Snakes, Dolphins and heaps more. Diving through the underwater crevices and caves was insanely good. Thank you guys so much for a radical week!

Alec Van Den Berg: This week has been a great one. The marine life weíve been able to see has been amazing and defiantly an experience I will never forget. The different locations around Jervis Bay all had hidden treasures to explore, caves being the most interesting. Thank you to the crew of the Ocean Trek for this wonderful week.

Tully Hiscock & Nick Rose: We arrived on Ocean Trek, late at night, pitch black, not knowing what to expect. As the sun rose the next morning, our week of miracles became truly apparent to us. We were absolutely frothing off our chops when we saw our first wobbegong shark, the blue groper, the banjo sharks, rays and the jaw dropping Grey Nurse shark: a truly enlightening experience. Not only the wildlife amazed us, but the seascape of Jervis bay truly tested our frothing abilities. Caves were entered with the incredible Jados pioneering the unexplored territory of the many caverns and caves, securing his flag at his newfound land: Jados beach. The food was much better than we would ever treat ourselves to at home, and this all combined to the greatest week of all time. Cheers to the crew and all of those who helped make this possible.

Eve Reynolds & Stephen Warne

Expectations have been completely filled and exceeded. The marine life was incredible and the visibility allowed us to see so much more than what was clearly near the surface, making it all the more worthwhile. Although it was exhausting and really took it out of you by day 1, it was an experience of a lifetime and something you just didnít want to miss. Going in and out of naturally formed caves, coral reefs and shark territory was truly indescribable. We cant thank the crew enough for their hard work and determination for a successful trip.

Stewart Thompson: Snorkelling and scuba diving this past week has been excellent. I had done little snorkelling previous and had never tried scuba diving before, so the experience was rather new to me. I learned how to duck dive properly and experienced the surreal thrill of scuba diving. The wildlife was amazing, as we saw banjo sharks, Port Jackson sharks, wobbegongs, stingrays, blue gropers, and even Grey Nurse sharks! During one of our scuba dives, we met a particularly friendly blue groper who followed us around for the rest of the dive, and we saw it eat a sea urchin. The entire experience was incredible, and I thank everyone who made it possible.

Ruby Hayne: snorkelling for a week was the most amazing experience, you couldnít do it any where more beautiful than Jervis Bay, I had so much fun seeing all the marine life, and learning heaps about the under water life, being so close to Grey Nurse sharks and sting rays and all the really cool fish was so much fun. The animalís Iíve never seen before were the wobbegongs, they are very funny looking creatures. Being in the water is what I love to do this camp was the best idea and I want to thankyou so much for taking care of us, you guys handled our group very well.

Max Readshaw: Jervis Bay, is the most memorable camp of my life, ranging from a selection of scuba diving with Grey Nurse sharks to feeding a blue groper a sea urchin. The food provided on Ocean Trek was something else and you always had some left over. I will never forget this camp as it has been the most exciting and engaging one in my life. I recommend anyone who is interested in snorkelling or scuba diving to give this a try, because you will never forget how good it was. Thankyou for taking care of us over this trip, by providing so much food and fun activities like being able to dive off the top of the boat.

Image by Lyn Cleary



Images of Blue Groper and Grey Nurse sharks many thanks to Kathy & Peter Cave