Weather, or Not

24th February 2013

All the forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology, predicted…….


Whether the weather be hot

Or whether the weather be cold

We’ll weather the weather

Whatever the weather o

Whether we like it or not!



Plenty of sharks, rays and little caves.

Wet weather, sunny weather it made no difference under the weather.

I really enjoyed my stay, come to Jervis Bay!


The wind did blow

Everyone said Oh no

We said bugger that lets go

Come rain wind hail or snow

A fantastic time above and below

That’s what we have to show.

Bom Bom

Good diving, good food and good storms!... and dolphins!


It was a dark and stormy night. But we launched into the black regardless. The rain kept coming, the wind kept blowing but these hardy divers were not put off! Good dives at the docks –fun in the slot cave, grey nurses aplenty on Grouper Coast, and fantastic food and company. Thank you!


The sky was dark and ominous; the rain ran hard against the water, the wind screaming to be heard. A small boat push ahead in spite of or in defiance of the nights warning. A group of men and women boarded her in good faith that she would see them right and take them where she promised. By mornings break, the little boat had shown its mettle and we came to the first stop in our adventure. As we explored and discovered wonders of the bay our collective excitement eventually forced the rain to go and the sky to smile. We finished our trip happy and return to share our stories.



Someone told me the weather was gonna be bad, turns out that someone didn’t know what they were talking about. Much respect is due to the knowledge and experience of the Ocean Trek crew who lead us through the ‘storm’ to some fantastic and very picturesque dive sites.

Claire and Laurence

We took our first dive together as buddies – and thanks to a great dive brief and a generous pick-up from Priscilla, everything went fine! We were circled by some friendly bull rays and scattered a shoal of old wives, then were surrounded by a cloud of shoaling fish on the way up (about 9m). An excellent weekend: well-run, with fabulous food and a friendly and professional team.


The waves crashed, the winds howled, the rain poured; yet we all leave this boat with memories never to be forgotten. From weedy sea dragons, grey nurse sharks, bull rays and a prolific range of fish (including a very cheeky blue grouper!), the life beneath the ocean at Jervis Bay offers something new each dive. Lyn, Mick and the entire team at Ocean Trek offer years of knowledge and experience to offer with a very professional approach. I will be looking forward to my next trip to Jervis Bay; whether or not it rains, shines or howls, there is so much more to explore.

FX & Zabou

First live aboard trip, certainly not the last one! Great atmosphere, great people, great weather: from the storm during the night to the great sun during the day… Everything was good, great memories. This is thanks to Lyn, Mick and the Ocean Trek team who have such an experience and an organisation that everything just happens timely and nicely. Thank you guys J


Great atmosphere, beautiful sites, profession team. I will remember about this trip all my life. Thanks Ocean Trek team)))