Dive Heat-Wave

1st December 2012

DIVE SMART’s pre-Christmas southern sojourn. We definitely escaped the Sydney heatwave and enjoyed balmy conditions and 6 dives. Water temp could have been a bit warmer! Caves, swim throughs, some very friendly Blue Groupers, Nudis, Rays… what can I say, the varied life in the Bay has lived up to reputation.

By a show of hands (well John and I agreed…) it has been decided that the collective noun for photographers is a "Visage of photographers" and indeed we were…

See you again in the New Year! Lee & Kym

Great weekend! Good dives, company, hosts, and food… C U again! John

After such a long time away from Jervis Bay it was great to return to the Crew of Ocean Trek and familiar grounds! The bottom temperature was a bit of a surprise as was the visibility – not up to the bay’s usual standard – however the company made up for it! We’ll look forward to returning again, hopefully not asfter such a long time again! Vesna & Stevan.

I very much enjoyed this trip. I hope to repeat this experience again some time in the future. The hospitality was excellent, food great, and the dives memorable. I highly recommend – Justin O’Donnell.

What an awesome weekend! Great dives, great boat, good food, nice group of people. Can’t wait to do it all again. Thanks Mick and Lyn! – Paul Stewart and Nicola Asquith

It’s seems like EVERYTHING is just how it should have been, so smooth, so thoughtful. From the big things to the smallest details that makes a world of different,

It is my first and it is not the last, see you soon

Monny Adato

It is my second time onboard. Everything is good as in memory, good food, good host, good food and good diving though a bit cold. Could not find the dragon but still good fun. Thanks Lyn & Mick – Ben

First time I have been out on this boat and must say its been the best experience. The staff have been so helpful and welcoming in to there boat and looked after all our needs. Meals were always amazing and filling with plenty to go around. This is defenetly no the last time I will be out with them. Loved every minuet. Steven.

This has been trip number 3 for me & as usual it was awesome! Thankyou SO much for everything. I can’t wait till our next trip!! Liz.

Thankyou to the Ocean Treck crew for the fun diving weekend , we had a great time , enjoyed the tasty meals, interesting conversations and the good weather. We will be back again soon , hopefully you guys have not retired by then . Thankyou Jason