Pea & Jellyfish Soup

18th November 2012



Great weekend, a little green but heaps of Blue Devil Fish, Weedy Sea Dragons and the first Seahorse I have seen for some time at the Docks.

A mixed bag this weekend. We caught a break with the weather easing to give us a dry run from the wharf to Ocean Trek on Friday evening. We had sunshine on Saturday and Sunday during the surface intervals, and the rain did not come back until we had washed up after the final dive. The water was cold (16-17) and unusually dirty considering the temperature. But the fish were still teeming, especially at the Docks and under Point Perp. Great food and company more than made up for the poor viz. Thanks crew, Sean.

Well Sean said it all, so with nothing left to say …….

No but yeah but no, it was a good weekend as usual, with lots of good company and a little bit of Bundy and some good sipping rum care of James and I even did some dives.

Thanks as usual x Boris

Yet another Awesome weekend with the ‘Ex Argos’ !! J Thanks James for organising our weekend (again!!) and thanks to the crew yet again – Lyn, Mick, Ken, Warren & Carly. It was the first time getting wet since my 2nd life and wasn’t it the best. I can’t imagine what life would be like without diving with my dive buddies J . Thanks for putting my mind at ease Lyn J . Your endless support is always greatly appreciated !! Cold water but fantastic as always. Lots of fish and great company on the boat with some nice cold drinks J . Thanks again everyone for a FANTASTIC weekend. Lots of Love Melissa xoxo

A lovely weekend diving on OT with my family and extended dive family. Water could have been warmer, 16 degrees isn’t very funny! But lots of life and action, including in the water.


As a gate-crasher to this group, it was great to just "jump in" and listen and learn… And double my diving experience in one weekend! Thanks to Lyn for all the hints and suggestions, Mike, the cook, and all the team for a great weekend; and especially to Dennis for looking out for this gumby every dive! The crack between the rocks at The Docks was especially good to have visited… Thanks again to all.


After lamenting on Saturday that sea horses hadn’t been seen in the Bay for years, a pot-bellied sea horse was spotted in 20m on the last dive at the Docks. What a way to top off a great weekend!