"R Computers & Fin Necessary"

2-6th November 2012

Sitting on the top deck of Ocean Trek having drinks and nibbles (including Mickís home made beef jerky) anchored at Point Perpendicular, watching the sun set at the end of our three days diving and whale and dolphin watching in Jervis Bay Ė life doesnít get any better than this. Ron, have you booked the boat again for next year?

Another fantastic trip onboard Ocean Trek , great diving , great food and fantastic hosts , thanks to Lyn and Mick . Second year back now and I'm already looking forward to next year Thanks John Newell

First time here, loved it, it was the best thing Iíve ever done, coming back next year Iím so sleepy I donít even care, thatís how much fun this was J

Returned for the third time and again a great time with Lyn and Mick, the food, diving and company was out standing. And yes we will come again. The dive on point perpendicular was a highlight for me and the students on the Deep course. They did a great job and passed with flying colours. Also my one and only student doing the SMB diver certification was out standing. Thanks everyone for a great time and we hope to see all of you very soon on a trip in the near future.

Ronald All About Scuba

Another first timer her, I must say Iím very impressed with the service provided by Mick and Lyn. The diving spots they took us to were great with a varied array of sea life and experiences. The highlight was my last dives at Docks, as someone in my dive group "its like diving in an aquarium" I agree.

Had a great time thanks very much. Les Weeks All About Scuba

This was my first trip on Ocean Trek and I really did not know what to expect.

I have never been on board a boat for so long and was unsure of the way in which things would run but Lyn soon had every one working like a well oiled machine. I had been told that food on board would be good and it was even for me a strange vegetarian!!!

The diving was spectacular and Mick and Lynís love of the area was evident in the way this amazing place was described to all on board the dive briefs were in depth and specific with a little humour thrown in for good measure. All in all a great four days with great people good food and a few quiet beers to relax with after a long day!!

So a BIG thanks Mick and Lyn and see ya next year

Troy ford

Lyn and Mick

Thank you very much for a great weekend . I had a good time even that I only went in the water ones

The food was offcourse amazing again and everything was organised very well like always.

Thank you thank you and for sure see you again next year.

Ria Lelieveld.

Lyn & Mick

Thanks for a great trip. Good food, good diving, good companyÖ What more could you want?

Yohoho and a bottle ofÖ. Bloody nice rum!!!  or few

Rod & Vanessa Mollard

Not much from my acquired "Deckie" Ian who ignored his computer to look after his wife ,and was subsequently penalized for 48hrs. Also Jeremy, to hasten entering the water omitted fins