Daisy forgot to DIVE

29th July 2012

Had a fantastic weekend. Awesome hosts (especially Micks jokes), awesome crew, awesome boat, awesome food (my waist line’s grown a few inches!), and most of all awesome diving! Saw my first cuttlefish and sea dragons. Heaps of PJs. The hot water hose is one of the best accessories for those of us without drysuits!

Awesome weekend, 5 dives in a drysuit (first time). Confirmed my love for

Jb and winter diving, good clear vis, lots of pretty stuff. Great game of Domino trains, Mark & I are the dominoes kings. As always Lyn & Mick were great hosts, great food (thanks Carly) and nice dive buddies.

Fabulous weekend with a bunch of other crazy, hardy divers who don’t mind the cold. Great diving, smooth waters – first ever parachute entries – lots of fun. Wanted to take home some cute little PJ babies but didn’t think they would like my pool. So much to see – will be back for more!

Thankyou to the Indepth gang for a very pleasant weekend. Thanks to the Ocean Trek crew – Cheers, Linda.

Fun weekend – great company, yummy food, awesome diving (when I remembered) and the cutest baby Port Jackson sharks. Thanks to Lyn, Mick and Carly. Daisy

Best music selection evah! Peter is the Mexican Domino King. Oh yeah, the diving is top notch – Port Jackson’s everywhere….. Thanks Ocean Trek Team – top notch – heaps great mate – Crikey! Bud

PS Daisy forgot to ready herself for diving on Sunday (say's she was watching a DVD )  .....what IS MORE IMPORTANT !!!!