"How COLD are YOU"

21st July 2012

19 Lucky divers from Abyss ventured down to Jervis Bay for diving. Actually the ONLY diving available on the east coast of NSW.

Had a great time this weekend diving Jervis with Ocean Trek ,the crew and food were great and will be back again

Steve Williams

A really nice weekend thanks to all the hard working staff. Excellent food, I have never eaten so much! The diving was great too, lots to see but yes it was cold!

Alexa Ballantine

Staying in "The Blue Groper" was a dream! The food was scrumptious, the staff were really friendly and helpful (Lyn a definite stand out) and the diving was cold. Best seal diving weekend ever!!! J

John Ingate and Holly Piercy

What a weekend! As the Tour Leader it was fantastic to see so many people seeing all kinds of marine life for the first time like Weedy Sea Dragon, PJ Sharks and Wobbigongs and so many clams and a Hermet Crab. I had a fantastic weekend diving with the crew at Abyss and the crew at Jervis Bay Livaboard Resort. Ö.Kane Bellis

Thanks to all the crew at Ocean Trek Diving Resort for a most enjoyable dive weekend. And thanks to Abyss for running a great photo competition and having this as the prize. Scuba smurf and I are very appreciative. Yes it was ffffreeezing but still a lot of fun. Most number of PJís Iíve ever seen in one place !!

Jennifer English

Literally saw HUNDREDS of Port Jackson sharks on the very first dive, scores of large wobbegongs, and several bull rays that must have been 6 meters wide. Lyn and Mick took us to a place where baby PJs and stingrays live. They were so little and cute! Had a fantastic time, the crew was friendly, hospitable, and very familiar with the dive sites. The cold wasnít so bad (even in 7mm), this liveaboard is worth it any time of year! They have a hot shower outside anyway!!

Kristen Casalenuovo

Despite the cold weather, I had some AMAZING dives in Jervis Bay! Lots of Port Jackson sharks, huge bull rays, baby sting rays and weedy sea dragons! Friendly staff and crew. Food was especially tasty!! Fantastic!

Amanda Tjen