Wobbies Galore

20th May 2012


Here I sit with the onerous task of starting this tale and also setting the tone for those brave souls that follow, so brace yourself for tales of sharks, rays and even a fearsome dragon.

Friday night, shock horror the husky pub has been remodelled and despite lavish spending on the renovation it now resembles an Ikea canteen, very unsettling to say the least, now more warming up of instruments to signal its time to board Oceantrek.

Now back to the diving. Saturday morning is warm and bright as we steam over a glassy sea, out the heads and head south for our first dive and our first brush with the huge wobbegongs that inspired this tale.

Don’t often see the water so flat in JB, so out the front we go.


Following on from Tricky, the weather was indeed magnificent on Saturday, no wind, no swell and plenty of sun. Diving was pretty good with lots of small stuff to see, I missed any sign of wobbies or stingrays. Sunday was grey and gloomy but I saw my best wobbie of the weekend slacking around lying on a rock. Nice life for some.


I came,

I saw,

I dived.

Then I ate and drank.

Matt and Steve

Well worth the long drive from Manly. The conditions couldn’t have been better on the Saturday. Getting to see a number of wobbegongs was a particular treat. We nearly got lost in the spider cave but in the end ploughed on through the dark like furious bears lost in the woods. The food was excellent but the rum was better. Ended the day tired and puzzled.



Had a great weekend aboard Ocean Trek. Perfect conditions and great visibility made for fantastic diving. Highlight was the night dive at the Nursery, descending to find a turtle sitting at the bottom and moving off to see an abundance of Wobbegongs nestled amongst the rocks. Big thanks to the crew for ensuring a great time was had by all.


Well, first time on Ocean Trek and a liveaboard. Had a great time enhanced only by the brilliant, wonderful and helpful staff. Also so helpful around my Gluten free requirements. The highlight of the dives was definitely the night dive at the nursery. Conditions were good. Very glassy conditions most of the time. Must do this again soon. Thanks Mick and the Crew – you are totally awesome.