St West Rock’s NOT ON

6th May 2012

But the diving continues in sunny Jervis Bay, with blue skies above and good visibility below. Plenty of weedy sea dragons and wobbegongs about, as well as the occasional grey nurse. Thanks to the crew for putting together a great dive trip and for looking after us on board.

Thanks crew for another relaxing weekend aboard Ocean Trek with the ex-Argo’s. Although the wind and swell wouldn’t play nice (you should have been here yesterday), Mick and Lyn found us the best dive spots for the conditions. It’s been a wonderful 100 dives on Ocean Trek.

Cheers, Sean.

Thanks for a great weekend. Having decided to come on short notice, and having battled through heavy traffic out of Sydney, to be greeted at the wharf and taken out to Ocean Trek, it was the start of a great weekend. Good accommodation, excellent food and fine dives, despite the somewhat cool weather. I will definitely be back to do it again. Congratulations to Lynn and Mick. Trevor.

What a wonderful surprise it was to find such marvellous service and diving. Initially we were booked on to a fish rock trip but due to swell it was un-diveable-lucky for us! We were desperate to find an alternative and we hit the jackpot with Ocean Trek!

Fantastic food, friendly staff and delighted to say it was sea dragon heaven, throw in a GNS, a sea snake, an enormous bull ray and his girlfriend, crabs, green snot monsters- I could go on and on.

Will thoroughly recommend this trip to every diver we meet!

Thanks a million!

The really really ridiculously good looking dive team (Emma, Gareth, Praveen, Chung, Evo, Renee, Richard and Jason).

Well the weather was not the best, and only got a few dives in thanks to sinuses and a monster headache, Ocean Trek still came through with their normal great food and company to put on an enjoyable weekend anyway. Thanks Mick, Lyn, and the whole crew.


A good weekend again on my favourite boat. Even did some diving ; )

Missed Melissa and Ross L Get well soon Melissa. See you on the next one

X boris


HI There!

I wanted to write a little report to tell you what a wonderful weekend we had onboard Ocean Trek in Jervis Bay. We were all  really disappointed that the Fish Rock trip got canned due to unsavoury weather and swell but thankfully the day was saved when Pat from Prodive got us booked into a last minute trip with Lynne and Mick in Jervis.

We were late leaving Sydney due to heavy traffic and were an hour and a half late arriving in Husky. We called ahead and told Mick we were approaching the bay and he came over on Priscilla (his wonderful aluminium tinny). He took us to the big boat in three runs with a heap of gear in each load.

The welcome onboard was tremendous-platters of cheeses and homemade jerky (for the killers). We were made to feel right at home from the get go. Everyone was fairly tired from a long week at work so bed was on the menu fairly quickly!

Breakfast was at the very respectable hour of 8am and we were treated to a full fry up before making our first plunge into the icy waters of Jervis Bay.

First dive was at Weedy Valley which lived up to its name. The water conditions were fairly rough and as we waited patiently on the line for Chung who again had equipment issues (please sell this man some gear) we got battered by waves for about 10 mins. We saw 5 Weedy Sea Dragons and some beautiful sponge gardens. After this dive, the wise decision was made to move the boat inside the bay for the rest of the trip.

We made a few dives including a night dive at the Nursery which is a fantastic spot with weedys, Grey Nurse sharks, crested horn sharks, wobbies, salmon and we were buzzed by an enormous bull ray and his wife. Renee and I got in trouble on the night dive as I was showing her a crab eating a little fish under a ledge. We could clearly see the other night divers but because we had our torches poked under a ledge they couldn't see us-we got an underwater telling off by Evo and Gareth who thought we were lost as there was no sign of us-bollocking accepted!

The next day were had our final dive at this amazing nursery area beside a big sand bank. For the first half of the dive it was fairly boring then we were amazing by tiny baby rays smaller than your hand, a sea snake being attacked by chinamen leatherjackets-I was trying to shout "do something' to Evo-he did try to move them but they were vicious, a few of the divers reported that they were trying to nibble at their mask and gloves.

Then we found the holy grail-baby Port Jacksons-as long as your forearm-they were adorable!

All in all we had a fantastic trip. The food was amazing and they catered very well for the 2 vegos (disappointing there was only 2 of us on the whole trip). Everyone was very impressed with the standard of care, the comfy beds and diving! Please get another going in October when the seals and whales are around!

Thanks a million,