St George

29 April 2012

A very enjoyable weekend. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the food was fantastic. Although cold at times the visibility was great and we saw a few sharks, lots of fish life and a few bull rays. I would love to come back again, this time when the seals and whales come out to play. But I would recommend a dry suit then.

Michael f. Commented. Very enjoyable weekend here at Jarvis bay. For the first time saw a shark aprox. 3m, and lots of wobby gongs. The team divers were absolutely great to dive with and the staff very fun to be with. Food very excellent. Compliments to the chef.

Recommend for a future dive with Ocean trek again. Cheers…..

Marianne C – Great trip. Viz was good and lots of rays and sharks. Great bunch of divers as well. The staff were friendly and there was so much food. Nothing better than party pies after a tiring dive!! Will definitely do this trip again.

Had an absolute ball, the staff were good, food was fabulous and plenty of it. The visibility was GOOD; saw plenty of fish, a few sharks and a few stings rays. Had my first night dive and it was awesome. It was cold at times but overall and excellent weekend. Would recommend it to people and would gladly come back for another fantastic weekend. Thanks guys!

Sarah with a H

What can I say but a special weekend as always on Ocean Trek. We will all leave this ship a few kilos heavier from all the delicious food, a few extra laugh wrinkles on our faces from all the fun, great photos and a bag full of unique memories. We saw everything from nudies, eastern blue devilfish to grey nurse sharks and everything in between. My third time onboard and I will look forward to coming again sometime in the future.

George B

Weekend of blue devil heaven, good diving, good food, bad jokes! John Mck

First time for a live-a-board diving weekend. Very friendly people and the food will have you coming back for more. As for the diving, it was excellent. Great viability and many many cool things to see. Great time had by all. Thank you

Grant NSW

2nd time round and just as fantastic as the first. Always something different and amazing to see – you just never know so keep you’re eyes open.

Tammy NSW