Awkward Turtles Return

1st April 2012

It was 2:30 in the morning and they realised something was wrong. They were diving tomorrow. And there were a lot more empty bottles in the recycling bin than they imagined…who had drunk so much??? Everyone looked towards the usual suspect.

It had started so well earlier in the evening…a nice roast dinner, apple pie and a ‘name that tune’ game….then came The Tunnel Of Love…what is the TOL you ask? You can’t explain the TOL, you just have to live it. Spirits were high, clothes were few.

And after such a quiet start to the evening, who thought it possible that someone so small could produce so much noise. Let’s not forget that they were not likely to be outdone by their larger counterpart in that department and the marriage may yet still survive….


My head hurts a bit but it was awesome diving and everything else as always. Yann

Yann did miss the first dive of the morning which explains the empty bottles and why his head hurts. Dinner was fantastic which made drinking the alcohol so much easier. Mick’s name that song was a hit after dinner. Recommend you hit him up when you stay aboard.

Paulie wishes to thank Mick for his spirit sneakily disguised in a Smirnoff bottle. Had some kick in it.

A vicious rumour spread over the weekend that not following the dive brief may lead to sub-optimal enjoyment; I can’t understand it as I thought those endless rocks and sand were simply magnificent!

The tunnel of love. Tick. The turtles have a lot of love to give.

Thank you to all the crew for a fantastic weekend. Why does it always go so fast?

Chapter 2 The Diving

Once again, Mick and Lyn organised great weather, decent water temp, and great vis. If I filled in my logbook all my dives would say ‘It Was Awesome’.