Lyn’s Birthday

9th March 2012

After flooding rains closed the crossing at Oallen Ford Road, and an accident closed the Kings Highway, we finally managed to get down to Huskisson just after 11:00pm. A very patient Mick and Lyn were kind enough to have waited up for us, but we were too late to see Lyn blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

The Canberra Day long weekend is a perfect opportunity to get an extra day’s diving on the Bay, and Sunday turned out to be the best of the three. We were hopeful that a nor’ easterly would stay around long enough for us to get out to the north side, but it was short lived and the southerly kept us near the nursery.

The viz was down due to the rains, but that didn’t stop the great dives around Bowen, with grey nurse sharks, weedy sea dragons, and even a turtle sighted! During the surface intervals, we were entertained by up to 20 dolphins circling the boat. Great trip, thanks crew.


Well, I was a virgin Ocean Treker & still a beginner (11 dives). This has been a great way to rack up a good number of dives and consolidate the skills I was taught, and practiced, in my course.

A good variety of dive terrain, exits & entries & pillageous critters. Saw my first sea dragon and after that kept seeing them.

Great service & crew and value for money.



Finally made in on board after a very long trip… due to flooding on the Ollen Ford Road – Mick and Lyn waited for us which was greatly appreciated. We were sad we missed Lyn blowing out her candles – but gave her a big birthday hug instead J . As always – nice to return back on board with dive friends. Thanks Karen for organising this weekend. It was great to catch up. Was so nice to see the sun come out and we enjoyed our sunset drinks after great dives during the day. As always Mick and Lyn took us to the best dive sites to suit the conditions. Thanks again Mick, Lyn, Ken & Sean for yet another great time on Ocean Trek and to my dive buddies Ross & Sean. Congratulations Sean for hitting your 350th dive and to Karen for hitting your 450th dive and Jude hit a big one too !!! Yay !! J J What a hoot !!! Back soon (in May J )…Cheers and Happy Diving – Melissa Dyson xo.


First trip aboard, and we loved it!!! I expect we will be doing this a lot more often. Sad to finish after only 3 days, could easily do a week. Buzzed by dolphins, saw weedy sea dragons for the first time, lots a wobbys and many many fishes. Ruth hit her 50 dives, first live drops and live pickups – good experience. Great crew, great group of people, good food all adds up to a top weekend. Thanks to all!! Rob n Ruth….


After an "interesting" trip up from Melbourne, requiring some new tyre hunting on the way up, I was glad to finally make it on board for my second trip on Ocean Trek. I can’t think of a better place to have racked up my 50th Dive!

Thanks once again Lyn, Mick, Ken and Shawn! See you next time.


Dolphins, sharks, weedys, loads of fish, Karen’s 450th dive great friends – thanks for another enjoyable weekend. Dave and Karen

Another good trip with great weather for a couple of days and can’t complain about the diving. Thanks again to the whole OT crew. Michael W

Well I’m back again as I always say, and this weekend marks my 10th anniversary of having the pleasure of the Ocean Trek hospitality.

The first trip in 2002 was Lyns birthday weekend and started my love of diving on Ocean Trek and becoming friends with Mick, Lyn and a wonderful group of regular customers who have also become good friends. Thanks again for a wonderful memorable weekend of diving and as usual a few drinks on the back deck. Happy Birthday Lyn xxx

X Boris

Another awesomde Canberra Day Weekend aboard Oceantrek.  Wonderful to be able to help celebrate Lynns birthday and enjoy all the cakes, wine and balloon – on ya Boris !!!

Bowen Island is looking exceptionally well – and enjoyed continuing my exploration of it.  Wohoo !!!   Finally (with some help of course)   spotted Aztec Wall. In fact twice even.

Many thanks to Shaun and Ken who  buddied me for my 300th dive -   Yet another milestone dive on board my favourite party Boat !!!!

Lovely to meet new people and dive with some old friends and familiar faces.  Plenty of weedy sea dragons -   shame I didn’t get to spot the grey nurse or the turtle -  but they around !!!

And the entertainment -   Pods of  Dophins – including babies frolicking all weekend around the boat.   And of course the Parachute drops very nice too!!!

Many thanks to Mick our Chef, Lynn, Ken and Shaun -  you all worked so hard and it is appreciated.

Jude – Aqua Action