5th-9th March 2012


Jonah Siversen,

I had a spectacular time on this camp. It took snorkelling and scuba diving to the next level. I had one scuba dive and it was great, I might have to pursue it further. I saw heaps of sick fish and the grey nurse sharks were incredible. Loved it from your best student Jonah.

Simon Anderson,

I had an amazing time, scuba diving was awesome however, snorkelling took the cake. I was quite ravished on how nice the meals were and the effort that was put in. The effort that was out in for my birthday was highlight. I loved that Lyn and I had the same birthday.

Tom Patterson,

Over the past 4 days I have had some amazing experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Snorkelling here was absolutely amazing I saw lots of creatures and plants I had never seen before. I swam with such things as turtles and sharks down at the well known location of Baz point. My highlights were the great meals that were provided by the crew. The crew made my experience very enjoyable. Youíll be sure to see me again.

Lillian Lucas,

This camp was truly a stand out from the others. Although the weather may have not been its greatest there were still great dive I took part in.
I experienced some new dive techniques and completed two new specialities which was a highlight. The aquatic life was spectacular and I really enjoyed swimming with so many different creatures. Thanks to the crew who made the week so much more fun.

Oscar Hiscock,

Camp for me was a truly remarkable experience. Not only did I learn heaps of new techniques for free diving, but I had awesome fun and a great time due to the crew making the journey a whole lot easier. I was able to see animals such as sharks, turtles, wobbegongs and so on at Baz point. Thanks so much.

Lucy Deitz,

The four days spent on the Ocean Trek have been incredibly fun as well as rewarding. Making up for the rainy weather were the crew who not only cooked, cleaned and maintained the ship for us, but helped motivate us to get off the ship and into the water where we would see some amazing sea creatures and beautiful corals. The meals were superb and the trip was undoubtedly one of the best Iíve been on in a long time, thank you!

Louis Blake

Firstly I would like to extended my heart felt thanks to all the crew on board the Ocean Trek. You made the trip the success it was for me. I loved the try dive I was able to do while on board, thanks to you diving is defiantly something I would want to try again in the future. Thank you so much for showing us the hidden beauty that is the jervis bay area.

Shari Barmos

Lucky enough to experience such an adventure as this, I am so thankful to the crew for this amazing, unforgettable experience. Not only were the staff lovely and welcoming, but the diving services that were offered were incredible. Such an amazing experience, I canít thank you all enough.