The Love Boat

26th February 2012

On Sunday, we did the Parachute Dive off Point Perpendicular. Lyn and Andrew oragnised us to be in sync with Mick on the helm so we did our giant strides off the vessel one after another swiftly as possible do no one misses the dive site. It was all quite cool with them psyching us up with background music like those in the movies. We descended into a lovely underwater landscape where heaps of schooling fish greeted us and colours so vibrant at 7m and rays of sunshine reflecting the vivid yellow bed of kelp. If you looked closely, you will find couple of Wobbies lying amongst kelp undisturbed by the surge. Not long after, we spotted an orange Fabellina nudibranch with black tips next to a common blue nudibranch. It was a lovely dive.

Teaching an advanced open water course in Jervis Bay is always great, but getting to teach it and dive from a Liveaboard is the best way to do it! What a great few days of diving, in between doing a few skills Giant Bull rays simming past, wrasse and groupers and little stingrays was fantastic!! Loved the trip all the dives were great, plus 15-20m vis was a bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a way to start my first liveaboard experience with Ocean Trek. The diving was amazing with the great organisation, good food and nice people. The crackling was the best,

On Saturday night as the sun was going down, we got a beautiful sunset streaked with purple and pink. On the horizon there was a pod of dolphins (at least 8) frolicking in the water. Whata lovely sight to see!

My group didnít see any sharks, but we did see an eastern blue devil fish, 3 eels, 2 giant cuttlefish, 2 giant bull rays, few blue gropers (not as friendly as Sydney ones), a heap of sting rays and lots of large schools of fish.

Great way to do my first boat dive and first dive to 30 metres, and to see stingrays and gropers and schools of fish close up. Pleasant weather and good diving. Nice people.