End 2011

28-31st December 20011

Fantastic trip as usual. Thankyou Lyn Mike, and Sean. This is our 5th trip, and the best fun way to end the year. We’ll be back. Deb and Keith.

That was great! Thanks so much to Lyn, Mick, Bob, and Sean for a fantastic way to end the year. John

What away to end the year, amazing crew, great company and incredible diving. I will be sure to come down in the future for another weekend on ocean trek. Thanks again Mick, Lyn and crew.

This was amazing! Thank you for this great dive week and we look forward to coming back and dive more with you guys. Thanks again. PS/ The food and everything else was great – wonderful crew! Great times – you’re the best! Happy New Year! Libni and Doug.

Another fantastic trip on Ocean Trek for us! Mick and Lyn did it again, with great diving, heaps of food (thanks Bob! not the cook this time) and a wonderful atmosphere. Looking forward to the next one! Just make Boris hire a compass, we told him I had a headache, and look how far we had to swim! I felt as crook as a deckie the morning after… Lucy & Andy

Another wonderful trip - Many thanks for the fine company, great food, great diving. Lovely way to spend Sarah’s 40th birthday J . Lovely family holiday to celebrate Sarahs day. Hope to be back for some more fun trips on Party Shrek. Thanks Lyn, Mick, Bob and Shaun - our lovely cabin boy !!!!!! Its wonderful watching our little cabin boy grow up not throw up and measuring tape next trip for pony tail. Happy New Year from Sarah and Jude.

Well it’s been a while since I have been on the Christmas trip, but wow what a trip this one was. Great company and good diving. Thanks to my dive buddies for making me do more dives than I would normally do.. And thanks also to my drinking buddies J

Happy New Year to all. X Boris

Happy times to all from Kimbo. (The trip I couldn't make)

Happy Diving from Ken ( I'm stuck working)