Naughty Nautical

25-29th January 2012

Some call me Ishmael…others call me….

I lied….no one calls me Ishmael…

I’d like to say that I have a story to tell, that you are reading this and wondering what my trip was like, but these days, its all about the pictures. Pictures of a sodden, drunken pirate, staring into the empty shell of his coconut, and wondering where it all went…awesome…

So, when you get home, ask your friends and family about the night that Captain Feathersword came back to Ocean Trek. He won a prize, shared some laughs, was much maligned as a blaggard, and can’t explain where the rest of his bourbon went…or his champagne…


I would like to say thank you to Mother Nature for making the sea flat enough that I didn’t hurl.

I would like to say thank you to the fantastic crew for looking after me so well, and for making sure no-one got left behind after any of the dives, whether they were a gumby or not.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all the pigs that died to make Ocean Trek such an enjoyable experience.

Huge thanks to the whole Ocean Trek crew for a great 4 days chock-full of diving, though you don’t get any credit for the MARLIN sighting – that one’s going to be a well-told story for many pub nights to come. As ever, lots of fun and entertainment, and great diving.

There were pirates and mermaids, Olive Oil and a Popeye or two too;
There were bullrays and grey nurse, weedies, occies and (allegedly) a marlin;

There was bourbon, gin, beer, wine, champers, cider and…..oh, let’s just say lots of booze;

Thanks again to Lyn, Mick, Wazza, Bob and wee Shaun – good luck for year 12!

A horrific drive down from Sydney through torrential driving rain did not bode well for the weekend ahead, however the gods smiled down upon Ocean Trek and the sun came out as did the wildlife. A great experience was had and a wonderful weekend entailed. I would definitely return for a repeat performance.

A wonderful way to end a fantastic holiday – Kili and safari and family followed by great diving with good friends. Once again the crew was excellent and Dave did a good job too. Warren is an excellent photo quality judge! The Caves

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi Another great Australia Day trip with Ocean Trek. Thanks to everyone for looking after us and making it a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to my next trip. Cheers, Phillip

We headed down the freeway on Wednesday evening through the torrential rain, any moment expecting the call to turn around. Arriving in Husky we were glad that the rain had retreated to a drizzle and to see the glorious site of Ocean Trek at the dock for a quick load up…lucky as we had brought along plenty of liquid supplies for the 4 day weekend.

The diving and weather turned out to be great – unbelievable! 14 dives were done by Peter, Allen & Sara (big effort in a wetsuit from Sara!). Many regular Jervis Bay critters were sighted including Grey Nurse Sharks, Big Rays, Blue devils, cuttles, sea dragons, and don’t forget the Marlin!

Once again Kathy showed her prowess by winning the one-day photo comp and Troy the Gay Pirate returned to claim the fancy dress prize on party night.

Thanks to Lyn, Mick and all the OT crew – another great party weekend.

Dress ups highlights pic's to come












Some of the nights activity