Who were the 7 Free Riders?

20th November 2011

Another great November trip with the ex-Argonauts. We were off to a shaky start when the northerlies blew up and James had to go after the first night (work commitments), but the sun was out all day and we had some magic dives around the north side of the bay. The water was ‘cool’ but the dry suit was warm, so long, easy dives were the order of the day.

Who were the 7 free riders? Well, they all seemed happy…

Thanks to Lyn, Mick, Andrew, and the Carlies! Sean.


When the jellyfish are so thick in the water, is it diving or jelly wrestling? Thanks to the Carlies for minding Emily too. Ross xox

Lyn&Mick&Crew- thanks so much for a wonderful weekend! Amazing dives, excellent food (& hot drinks between dives!), and a fantastic crew! I now believe in Weed Seadragons! Can’t wait to dive & cruise with you again! Cheers, Doug

Thanks Lyn, Mick and Crew for a great weekend! Always a great weekend with heaps to see! Katie x

First time on Ocean Trek, won’t be the last! It was everything it’s talked up to be. Thanks for a great trip. Cheers, Wayne.

Wow what an amazing experience. Fantastic diving, great company and terrific service. If you’re a scuba diver, Ocean Trek is about as good as it gets. Thanks guys for an unforgettable experience…


Some say James had to go due to work commitments. Others know different. After keeping us up until 3:30 in the morning it was time to offload the trouble makers. Another great weekend on the Dive boat Bundy aka Ocean Trek. I even got in 2 dives

X Boris

I told Doug they do exist you just need to believe in them. Do you believe? Thanks again to the whole crew.

Michael W