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6th N0vember 2011

After a long break from diving I was coerced into getting back into the water by my niece Emily who tempted me with a weekend on a OceanTrek. A chilly start but a warmer finish with whale, shark, rays and many sponge sightings. Thanks for the good food and friendly encouragement.

Julie B

What an awesome weekend! Nothing beats the ease of diving off a live aboard when there was sooo much to see under the water. This weekend we were privileged enough to see a few eastern blue devil fish, Giants and normal cuttlefish and the shark action was great with PJs, wobbys and even a grey nurse or two. But the best part was doing our dives while being serenaded by passing pods of whales!!!!


After 5 years of freezing on the back deck, we finally discovered the joys of drysuit diving on multiple repetitive dives and it was worth it! No drop in core body temperature and no sitting out of the last dive on Saturday because you are just too damn cold! Food, hospitality, service and of course the diving was top notch as always. Thanks Lyn, Mick and the crew. We’ll definitely be back for our 12th trip!

Andrew & Aimee

Thanks again for the awesome diving. I’ll be back!


The best live-aboard experience I’ve ever had. The crew were awesome (tnx Mick, Lyn, Warren and Karli the superb chef). Despite claims of whales and seals (no, the tourists do not count!), the vis was great and the exploring amongst the boulders and caves was superb. Also, bring on more of "Name that Tune"!!



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