When’s Emma’s Birthday

28th-31st October 2011

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday!!! When is Emma’s Birthday? It was a great celebration aboard the great vessel Ocean Trek. The hospitality and diving was great as usual. A special thank you to Mick, Lyn and the crew for a great trip once again. I just keep coming back. Peter Useli

Having only my open water cert, I was concerned that there wouldn’t be many dives that I could do – thanks for proving me wrong Ocean Trek! I was fortunate enough to enjoy all of the dives offered and saw plenty of the marine life available! Even on the surface we were fortunate enough to whale watch, be lead by dolphins and be amazed by the lightning show at night – a memorable weekend was had by all!! Krystyna Gale

It was my first time on Ocean Trek and I had an fantastic time. I was a little bit worried that I would get sea sick, but thanks to Mick’s smooth sailing, I had nothing to worry about. I loved watching the whales and dolphins swimming by the boat as the sun set. Another highlight was my birthday celebration (even if it was 3 months too late!!) Thanks to Mick, Lyn and crew, they all did an awesome job! - Emma Monaco

Great weekend trip thanks to Captain Mick, Lyn, and crew. Jervis bay too cold for the old even in 7mm.Great to see the whales and dolphins putting on their sideshow for all onboard to see. Yet another birthday for M must be older than me now. Hate yellow Uno. Mick with his cockatoo smugglers untangling the rope from the prop what a man didn’t even have goose bumps.

Thanks again Dean Hendricksen

What a great weekend!! Fantastic staff, food and company. Manage to spot the whales and the dolphins at the same time. Did someone say UNO!! I think I have been scarred for life. NO MORE YELLOW!! Thoroughly enjoyed the dives and being on the boat, nice and clean. Pity we didn’t get to see the glow in the dark toilet water!! Maybe next time. Cheers guys thanks for the best trip aboard "Ocean Trek". Big kiss from Skipper Tom (ozdive) and Melissa.

A scary Halloween long weekend, was in order after a cold Melbourne winter. The dives were clear and warm. (Thankyou drysuit). A fantastic birthday for Emzy resulted in a fantastic Uno game and a fierce poker game.

Mick and Lyn and Crew provided a great environment to just relax and enjoy our diving.

Cheers guys, Stuart Webster

Great weekend! Thanks Mick, Lyn, Warren, Ken and Bob (especially Bob for the great meals!) As the token New South Welsh person I was made to feel an honorary Victorian which is not so bad I have to confess. Really nice diving! I know where to come when I next want to dive in Melbourne! Thanks everyone! Tori <J ))))><

Great Days, Great company and Great Crew… but then the rot set in Ray decided he didn’t like his air supply and insisted on mine,

I decided to throw my Camera away and leave for the next Humpback that came past


My fellow Dive buddies went nuts and acted out there carnal weird desires in dress form that night’ even Mick the captain went nuts and donned a witch’s hat and a necklace of neon blinking lights.

Aside from that being 3kgs heavier from all the great food and crew’s hospitality I leave the boat a fatter but happier Man…Thanks too all aboard. Catch-up in the Drink - Gerry.


What a blast.

Great days, great hospitality.

I don’t know what the best bit was. The diving was excellent, the night’s entertainment wonderful, and the fellowship just awesome. Thanks to Lyn and Mick, the crew, Rubens and Steve, Brett for helping me with the Sea Scooter etc.

And the quote of the day, just remember what the Chinese said in the Acme Scooter warning;

"When being underwater, this seal set can shutting."

Catch-up down the shop or on another trip - Steve A.


I look good with boobs! The diving was alright too – James

Great dives, great food and alight company (just kidding) – Brett

What a great trip. A good bunch of people, some magnificent hosts, delicious food and awesome diving, what more could you want from a dive trip. It doesn’t matter where I travel in this big world, no matter what diving destination my job takes me too, spending time on Ocean Trek with Mick, Lyn and crew is still one of the best times a dive group can have. On behalf of all the guys on the trip, I would like to thank you for the great hospitality and fun 3 days we have spent on the mighty Ocean Trek. – its been a blast! Rubens