Haoli Menehune Ho

11-14th October 2011

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, called "Hawaii", there lived a tribe of Haoli Menehunes. This tribe was unlike any other tribe, they loved to dive (and drink)! The tribe had been missing two of its dear friends (Staggering Steve and Sunny Sue) that had to leave Hawaii to come home to "Australia". So, they decided to pack up their dive bags (and beer mugs) and go visit their friends.

On this journey were tribe members:

After celebrating the re-attachment of Steve and Sue to the group with food and drink, we headed off to the Ocean Trek Diving Resort. The anticipation and expectations were high for SE Australian diving….and then we hit the water! It’s cold. No, it’s not that cold. Can it really be this cold? No…ahhh…yes! IT IS COLD! Where’s the rest of my neoprene? I’ve got it all on. Wait. I can’t move enough to reach my inflator hose? My gloves are too thick to work my camera? 90’? 57o? Memories are made of this? And good ones at that! Thank you, Mick Lyn & Bob. Walt

Such a wonderful live aboard dive experience-I absolutely l loved it. Lyn, Mick, and Bob were delightful hosts.. xoxoPat

What a wonderful time, and what a wonderful welcome! The first night was by far my favourite name that tune filled with tons of laughter! The crew really knows the waters of Jervis Bay and all the creatures it has to offer. To be so far away and feel so at home was a wonderful treat, thanks again Bob, Mick and Lynn for all the memories.

Warmest Aloha, Robin

Having been told, the water was cold, I had to be "talked into this leg of our journey. I am so very grateful that Katie and Russ talked me into it. Yes the water was cold and by cold I mean, just melted snow cold!! I miss our aussie friends and getting to spend any time at all with them was worth every degree!! The crew Bob, Mick ,and Lynn were all very helpful, even lending more socks so my feet didn’t freeze. I will never forget all the laughs, creatures and praying for the sun.!! A very big MAHALO to the Ocean Trek!! Hope to see you in Hawaii. Till then, Kassey.

The boat, food, drink and crew aboard the Oceantrek were some of the best around (oh and how we have been around…!). The diving was spectacular (although very cold indeed). Loved all the dive site briefings and the freedom to dive how we all wanted (within safe limits of course ;-}). And the evenings with the oceantrek crew – Lyn, Mick and Bob – were memories we won’t soon forget. Thanks to all for a wonderful trip. Maybe we’ll meet up in Tonga! Cheers, Katie.