Eua Island....15-22nd September 2011


"Dangerous When Wet Teddy Tour"


what a holiday














Second "Dangerous When Wet Tour" to Tonga for the obvious reason. SNORKELLING with whales. As previously ,whale encounters occurred daily with the best on the last day. 45minutes snorkelling with mother and calf. Living creature so large swimming to you and coming within centimetres remains imprinted as an experience. Truly a "Bucket List" must. Junior (the female whale) would swim from snorker to snorker showing the inquisitive nature of the majestic mammals. Mum resting 10-15m below keeping am eye on junior while she plays with her new bath toys (us), would come up for a breath every 15-20 minutes, check us out then descend to rest again. The smiles on everyone tells all.

Stand-bye for 2012

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